Winter Storm Juno To Potentially Cripple Northeast (Cause Climate Change)

Or, as it is usually known, winter. The big pull at Memeorandum is this Weather Channel article, but it has been updated

(Weather Channel) Millions of people in the Northeast are bracing for Winter Storm Juno, which threatens to become a major snowstorm Monday through Wednesday with the potential for blizzard conditions and more than 2 feet of snow.

The high confidence in forecast wind and snowfall led the National Weather Service to issue blizzard warnings well in advance of the storm from the New Jersey shore all the way to Downeast Maine, including the cities of New York City, Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland. Most of the warnings are in effect from Monday afternoon or evening through late Tuesday night.

There are winter storm watches, advisories, and warnings running from way down the Virginia coast all the way up to the entire state of Maine. A blizzard warning is in effect along the coast running from southern NJ all the way up to the end of the Maine coastline, which could bring “Widespread accumulations of 1 to 2 feet likely with some areas picking up over 2 feet.” The heaviest snow will be in New England region. Also, because of the type of storm, there are coastal flooding warnings, creating huge waves. Plus, we can add in high winds.

Of course, we should expect this

(Mashable) To put 30 inches of snow into context, if this amount were to fall in New York as some forecasts suggest, it would break New York’s all-time snowfall record, which was 26.9 inches set in February 2006. Interestingly, five out of New York’s top 10 all-time snowfall totals have all occurred since the year 2000, potentially in keeping with an overall trend toward more precipitation extremes associated with climate change.


(Decode Science) Is There A connection To Global Warming? A Good Bet

All models of climate change predict an increase in extreme weather. If Garbanzo Bean (WT note: Decode Science has decided to call it that rather than Juno) drops more than 20 inches of snow in New York, it will be the sixth time on record. Four of the snowfalls will have been within the last 20 years.

Does this storm ‘prove’ global warming is real? No. But it would be foolish to ignore the totality of evidence that screams that the burning of fossil fuels is raising the temperature of the earth at an alarming rate.

And, of course, people on Twitter are freaking out

Those are just a taste of the moonbattery (climabattery?) from Warmists.

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3 Responses to “Winter Storm Juno To Potentially Cripple Northeast (Cause Climate Change)”

  1. John says:

    Extreme weather?? Teach it is what your ” goreacle” predicted

  2. […] mentioned several Warmists yesterday blaming “Juno” on Hotcoldwetdry. Here are more of the […]

  3. TrishMac says:

    Not so much. Fizzled out around my neck of the woods. Big hype, no snow.
    That’s weather for ya. Unpredictable at best.
    I read this in an article today-link below.

    “Rumors that meteorology is not an exact science and that Mother Nature resists all efforts to be rationalized out of a stubbornly pre-modern sense of wonder, went unconfirmed at press time.”

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