Bummer: The Earth Is Totally Going To Take Revenge For Hotcoldwetdry

Question: do you think this headline came from a supermarket tabloid or a real newspaper?

The U.S. has caused more global warming than any other country. Here’s how the Earth will get its revenge.

There was a time not too long ago when schlock like that would appear in places like the National Enquirer and Weekly World News. Since most of those unhinged papers are no longer published for viewing while waiting to check out at the supermarket, the bat guano insanity had to move to normal papers, such as the Washington Post, in an article written by the similarly unhinged Chris Mooney.

Last year, we learned what is probably the worst global warming news yet— that we may have irrevocably destabilized the massive ice sheet of West Antarctica, which contains the equivalent of nearly 11 feet of sea level rise. The rate of West Antarctic ice loss has been ominously increasing, and there are fears that if too much goes, the slow and long-term process of ice sheet disintegration could accelerate.

Humans have a hard time conceiving of the incredible scale of an ice sheet, so the consequences of such a change can be lost upon us. But in a new paper in the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers — Forensic Engineering, researchers Ted Scambos of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo., and John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. – summarize what we now know about West Antarctica. That includes a finding that may serve as a wake-up call for Americans in particular.

Namely: If West Antarctica collapses entirely — a process that would likely play out over centuries, but that could substantially begin in this one – the expected 11 feet of sea level rise won’t just spread out evenly across the ocean. The United States will actually get a lot more sea level rise than many other parts of the world — possibly over 14 feet. Call it geophysical karma — we’re the nation most responsible for global warming and, at least in this particular case, we’ll get more of the consequences.

Interesting. Because, as Steven Goddard notes, Warmists were whining about the same thing in 1922. Of course, in reality, when Warmists starting yammering about West Antarctica, many predicted that it was due to vulcanism, and, lo and behold, people doing actual science rather than making doomy prognostications and looking at garbage in garbage out computer models have noticed all those pesky real world volcanoes beneath West Antarctica.

I do appreciate the humor in say that this living force known as the Earth will magically send more sea rise to the US than anywhere else. Probably preceded by surfboard riding unicorns. Then we get this

This analysis from the World Resources Institute shows that from 1850 to the year 2011, the United States, a single country, produced 27 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions of the world. No other single country was close — indeed, the U.S. even outdistanced all the nations of the European Union combined:

This is followed by a graph showing the breakdown of CO2 emissions.

Do you know what I see? Modernization. The growth of the works of Mankind, with the United State leading the way. I see a country that went from just a small player to one which won two world wars, developed the atom bomb, sent men to the moon several times, created the space shuttle, was a leader in heavy industry, makes more cars and vehicles than anyone else, invented the airplane and modern aviation, developed television, the personal computer, and the Internet, has some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, and was considered to be the guardian of the world. Warmists would like to do away with all that, at least for Other People, since Warmists are taking advantage of all the benefits of living in a 1st World Nation to be able to whine about “carbon pollution”.

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