If All You See…

…is a white privilege sport which will disappear because Someone Else refuses to stop their fossil fueled travel, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on emotional science.

Seriously, did you think I could possibly ignore the awesomeness of Ms. Canada?

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7 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    As I remember, the movie “Youngblood” had a final scene where two players squared off on a hockey rink.

    One said something like “I am going to shove that stick right up your a**.”

    Ms. Canada’s costume reminds me of that comment.

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Dear William:

    I trried to email you at but it bounces back.

    I wanted to write to thank you for your ongoing efforts to make the world aware of the truth concerning the greenhouse gas theory.
    However, despite your blog and other excellent ones like it, global warming skeptics are losing the propaganda war being waged by warmers on the public.
    I find this issue quite disturbing because the greater issue is that the public is being systematically lied to by it’s government and their institutions. It makes me wonder what else they are lying to us about. Sadly this issue has become ideological, whereby many people’s opinion on global warming is based on their political world view, not their knowledge of the topic. In fact, very few people know anything about climate change. I would say for example that virtually no one could tell you the world’s current temperature. Why? ..because in all of the press releases for the past 20 years the average current temperature was never mentioned.

    In order to win this propaganda war, advocates like yourself need to demand that the major news agencies put in all their press releases the current world temperature.
    The names of the scientists who conducted the study, and the organization that sponsored it.

    Headlines such as “a recent study by scientist’s say…” must come to an end. Otherwise PR guys can simply make things up.

    Also, all press releases need to be vetted just like other news stories. Expert climatologists need to be consulted to provide opposing feedback. That is good journalism. However, global warming seems to get a free pass. Why?

    Skeptics like yourself need to move beyond internet blogs and get the ear of the general public. Carbon tax is now being charged in Australia, France, Germany and two provinces in Canada to fight a problem that does not exist.

    So effective is this propaganda campaign, that when a headline says that this year is the “hottest year ever”. No one asks “How hot is it?” If they did, they would discover that the temperature is virtually the same as it was in 1998.

    Global warming may not be anything more than a secular religion, however my feeling is that more sinister motives are at play.
    If the world leaders lose the public trust then they will be unable to rally them for more important causes and that spells bad news in the end for all of us.

    Therefore ask your readers to ask supporters of global warming what the temperature is. When they fail to tell them, ask them how can they believe in global warming without knowing how hot it is. Ask your readers to ask warmers what scientist convinced them that this theory is true. When they fail to provide a name, ask them why is it that all press releases are from politicians and the media and none are from actual scientists with names. Ask them why they trust news sources on this issue but not trust them on others.

    Somehow global warming need to stop being an ideological one. How to do this will be difficult. However, if skeptics like yourself can move into the mainstream news arena then there is hope. Youtube presentations asking these questions to a younger audience that are not quite established in their political worldview might be a start. Challenging them with questions that are not being asked in school.

    Regardless, I wanted to again thank you for your efforts and hopefully you can give some more thought on to how to get your very important message to a wider audience. I will continue to follow you, especially the great “if all you see.. series. 🙂

    Phil Taylor
    34 George Street
    Markham, Ontario L3P 2R7

  3. John says:

    Well Phil for over a decade the US military has believed in AGW
    The Pope believes in AGW
    44% of all republicans believe the planet is getting warmer
    As for hockey I never even skated on artificial ice until I was a freshman in high school
    My high school used to practice on pond ice

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Well Phil for over a decade the US military has believed in AGW

    Nope. We’ve covered this lie from you previously.

    The Pope believes in AGW

    The Pope also is against abortion and homosexuality. Are you cherry picking his beliefs and using the logical fallacy of appealing to authority?

    44% of all republicans believe the planet is getting warmer

    Can you spell “causation?” I didn’t think so.

    As for hockey……

    If this is true, your trolling post about the Devils is even worse. What position did you play? The puck?

  5. Phil Taylor says:

    Dear John;

    Thank you for yor reply.

    That is my point. All are unaware that the adverage temperature this year is 14C and in 1998 it was also 14c give or take a point or two.
    They do not know this because no one is telling them. Everyone thinks that the weather is getting more irratic because no one is thelling them that according to the U.S weather bureau thare has been no increase in hurricances, drought, floods or tornatoes. The message is not getting through.
    No one is telling them that on Sept 27th 2013 the IPCC admitted to the world that there has been no significant warming since 1998.
    Which warmers call “the global warming hiatus”

    Now there will always be people that will choose not to believe. I know many that know about the hiatus but just ignore it. But there are far more that would be surprised to here it. They will not believe you untill you show them the IPCC report or course, but someone needs to show them.

    They army believed that Iraq had WMD. The pope believes in god. Your pond ice will return if it has not already because traditional climateoligists say that the world warms and cools in 20 to 30 year cycles and now we are in a cooling cycle and winters will be more like the ones before 1978 when the last cooling cycle ended and the last warming cycle began. So far they are the only ones that have been mostly right.

  6. Jeffery says:


    If they did, they would discover that the temperature is virtually the same as it was in 1998.

    Why are you only comparing the 2014 temperature to 1998?

    Why not 1993? The Earth’s temperature in 2014 was 0.5C warmer than in 1993?

    This illustrates why climate scientists study long term temperature trends rather than cherry-picking highs and lows to make political points.

    The long term trend is clear. The Earth has warmed in fits and starts over the past 100 years or so.

    Most Deniers have recently “accepted” that the Earth is warming and have flip-flopped their argument to claiming the warming is “natural”, without describing what “natural” forces are at work.

    Climate scientists claim that the century long run up in temperature results from the century long run up in atmospheric greenhouse gases, primarily CO2. What physical processes do you hypothesize are causing warming?

  7. Phil Taylor says:

    Dear Jeffery;

    Thank you for your comments and questions.

    1998 is chosen by warmers as the year when up until then, the temperature hit an all time high. Since then the temperature has remained mostly the same up or down a fraction of a degree or two. Though there have been claims that the years 2004, and 2010 may have been slightly warmer, it is by a minuscule amount and is within the margin of error. 2008 was a colder than average year, but again only slightly. This period is know by warmers as “The Global Warming Hiatus” whereby the world has stopped warming (or greatly slowed down) but they claim it will continue to warm at a later date.

    Traditional climatologists claim that the world warms and cools in 20 to 30 year cycles whereby the sun warms and cools the pacific ocean which in turn warms and cools the earth. The world cooled from 1945 to 1976, them warmed from 1976 to 1998, then has remained stagnate. Now it was supposed to have cooled but has not.
    Traditional climatologists claimed in 1999 that the warming cycle had ended and we will now move into a cooling phase. They were greatly criticized at the time,
    but then in 2008 the IPCC noticed the same and the emphasis changed from Global warming to Climate change. In 2013 they admitted to “a lack of warming.”
    Warmers who were as surprised as the rest of us quickly coined the term “The Global Warming Hiatus” to explain the lack of warming.

    C02 dramatically increased from 1945 onward during a time when the earth cooled. It recently hit 400PPM a doomsday threshold for warmers yet the earth has not warmed or very very slightly warmed as a result.

    Most “deniers” are a victim of propaganda as anyone else and few could tell you the current world temperature so they accept that the earth is warming but deny it is based on CO2 because their worldview does not like the heavy hand of government in their affairs which they fear will occur to deal with this problem. Many warmers also know very little about Global warming either but their world view welcomes more government intervention in their affairs and therefore they like this theory based on ideology, not facts.

    Climate scientists in the 1990’s did not study long term trends as you put it but focused greatly on that decade. The news was filled with headlines, such as 199_ is the warmest year on record with no study or scientist names quoted by name and no temperatures quoted. NOW they talk about long term trends.
    However, I think that any temperature stated before pre satellite data must be taken with a grain of salt.

    At the end of the day computer models based on Co2 output has failed to predict even closely the current temperature. The world should be much warmer as a result of Co2 by now. There are many excuses made to explain why, but one excuse needs to be considered an that is that Co2 plays a small role in the earth’s temperature.

    ***NOW, I have a personal challenge for you.***

    If you are open minded enough and put ideology on the the back burner, then please watch this very interesting Youtube whereby a traditional Climatologist Don Easterbrook is brought before the Washington State Senate committee and testifies under oath to them. Here you will hear the other side of the story.
    You may choose not to believe it, but that is OK as you will be a rare person who knows both sides of the story where ideology is removed and opposing facts play out.

    The question you will ask yourself in the end is “how come we do not hear this side of the story.” “Why is not the current temperature mentioned in press releases?”
    “Why is the spokes person often the media or a Politian, and not a Climatologist?”

    If you are truly open minded in this debate then I urge you to watch this. If you have made up your mind already then the discussion falls into the realm of politics or religion and becomes pointless. I have a feeling that does not describe you.

    Here is the link


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