NY Times International: Cold Is Caused By Warming

Yet another Warmist dives into Fantasy Land (didn’t I mention Warmists and their stories earlier?). Here’s Celestine Bohlen in the international version of their fish wrap

Adjusting the Tune on Climate Change

For a week in November, people across the United States were complaining bitterly about the cold. Record low temperatures were experienced in 43 states; in some northern regions, residents had to dig tunnels to get out of houses engulfed by as much as seven feet of snow.

The freakish cold snap hardly rates in comparison with the devastating floods, fires and droughts that have recently afflicted other parts of the world. But it is another example of how extreme weather has become a global reality, one that is putting the contentious issue of climate change squarely in the middle of everyday conversations.

So, according to Warmist Doctrine, the Little Ice Age, the Dark Ages, heck, the last glaciation period and Snowball Earth were all caused by warming.

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13 Responses to “NY Times International: Cold Is Caused By Warming”

  1. Jeffery says:

    the Little Ice Age, the Dark Ages, heck, the last glaciation period and Snowball Earth were all caused by warming.

    Umm. No.

    The Earth is warming, with the Arctic warming the most. Some scientists posit that the Arctic warming is changing the patterns of the jet stream, allowing Arctic cold to come further south at odd times. That’s all.

  2. Jl says:

    Of course this is still all speculation, as usual. I guess cold Artic air can only come south at “odd times”? Wonder what causes it to come south in normal times, like the winter?

  3. John says:

    Teach do you think the planet is warming?
    If you do why do you think it is warming?
    Margaret Thatcher and Reagan were both aware that the planet was warming as far back as the 80s
    Should they be classified as warmists ?

  4. Jeffery says:


    And that’s the way science works. What you call speculation scientists call hypotheses.

    There are two facts to be considered: The Arctic is warming. The US and Europe are having unusual cold snaps. They may be related. They may not. Based on their data, some scientists have put forth the hypothesis that they are related. At this time it’s a minority position among climate scientists.

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m just shocked that so so so many people believe that extreme weather is something new. It makes me sad that the bulk of our species is so gullible.

  6. TrishMac says:

    I’m with Kevin. Why is extreme weather, which has occurred throughout time and memorial, now the fault of man? Nothing on earth is static. Including the weather. The vast oceans. The growing and shrinking sea ice. It would be scary as hell if there were never any changes. It would be unnatural at best! And probably more dangerous than the fluctuations we see today.

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  9. Fred Z says:

    Many experts say, some critics suggest, experts declare, some scientists posit, that any argument in this form is bullshit.

  10. Richard says:


    Building on your “And that’s the way science works.”, the hypothesis is that man-made emissions of CO2 are behind climate change. The climate scientists make predictions based on the hypothesis being true and observations are made. For nearly twenty years, the predictions based on the hypothesis have been wrong, and the errors are not small, so if “that’s the way science works”, we would expect a change to the hypothesis, but that has not been happening.

    Do not confuse climate skeptics with climate deniers. Climate skeptics do not deny that the climate change, they are skeptical of the reasons offered by the warmists.

  11. Jeffery says:


    Your claim that t he prediction that accumulating greenhouse gases will cause the Earth to retain more heat “have been wrong” is false.

  12. Dick Parks says:

    Do yourself a favor and compute the sea level rise if the entire Antarctic ice cap should melt. Divide the surface area of all the oceans by the volume of the ice cap, assuming it’s a mile thick. Make sure your system of physical constants is correct. I got something close to 20 cm. Media are screaming about eleven-foot rises and consequent inundations.

    The above calculation is apparently beyond any reporter’s ability.

  13. Jeffery says:


    According to the scientists who made 25 million measurements of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, the total volume of ice that can contribute to sea level rise is about 27 million km3. They claim this would raise sea level some 50 meters!


    Perhaps you could send them your calculation and show them where they went wrong.

    2.7 x 107 km3/ 3.8 x 108 km2 = 2.7/3.8 x 10e-1 cubic km/square km of ocean ..

    0.07 cubic km/square km or about 70 meters of water per square km. Check my math and units, as I could be wrong.

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