Warmists Super Psyched To Brainwash Kids In School

Obviously, all the teaching of “climate change” will be one sided. Especially since of something very interesting

(Washington Post) It’s no secret that certain political worldviews prevent people from accepting the science of global warming.

And it’s not just that conservative and pro-free market beliefs are strongly correlated with dismissal of climate science. Get this: Conservatives who are more scientifically literate, or better at math, are even less likely than their ideological compatriots to accept global warming. That’s how powerful ideology can be — and such findings have often been used to call into question whether educational initiatives can really make any difference when it comes to hot-button scientific issues like climate.

A new study just out in the journal Climatic Change, however, suggests education may work after all.

Got that? Conservatives who are scientifically literate are more likely to know that human caused climate change is a bunch of mule fritters, hence,  Warmists must blame skepticism on ideology, and push for indoctrination in school.

In other words, climate science education may well work to counteract political ideology after all — at least if you get to kids when they’re young enough, before ideological views have become crystalized.

It’s no secret liberals have been using schools as indoctrination centers for decades,  if not the last 100 years. They certainly do not want to provide all  views,  just their narrow, dogmatic, cultish, un-science views.

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4 Responses to “Warmists Super Psyched To Brainwash Kids In School”

  1. John says:

    Teach do you consider yourself to be more scientifically literate than the Chief Oceanographer of the US Navy?
    Because Teach he believes in AGW
    Have you considered shooting him an email?
    As far as leftists taking control of education in the USA Teach are you considering a career change?

    You know “walk the walk”???
    NC teachers start at only 30k but a pay cut would be a small price to pay for shaping kids into cons

  2. Jeffery says:

    Well, yes. The truth is decidedly one-sided. What should they teach instead of the truth?

  3. Kevin says:

    “Teach do you consider yourself to be more scientifically literate than the Chief Oceanographer of the US Navy?”

    I hope he does! The only knowledge you need to be an Oceanographer is to be able to determine that the blue part of a map is water. And I guess you need to be able to interpret contour lines…

    I don’t think you need to worry about this though, Teach. They’re trying to brainwash young children. Young children trust their parents uber alles, so the disinformation can be quickly demolished by any informed parent.

    The dissemination of lies might work on 13-18 year olds though. That MIGHT be a problem since they don’t listen to their parents. But they also believe themselves to be invincible at this age, so it might all cancel out. We’ll see I guess.

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