NC Magistrates Could Face Criminal Charges If Refuse To Perform Gay Marriages

It’s all about tolerance, ya know

(Charlotte Observer) North Carolina magistrates were directed Wednesday to perform civil marriages for same-sex couples or face suspension or dismissal from their state jobs.

Pamela Weaver Best, general counsel for the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, sent a letter to state magistrates saying they would be violating their oaths of office if they refused to marry gay or lesbian couples.

Several magistrates have refused so far, and at least one has resigned

Best said magistrates who refuse to marry gay couples face suspension or dismissal. They could also face misdemeanor criminal charges for failing to discharge their duties.

I’m torn about this, re: criminal charges. On one hand, they are failing to discharge their duties. On the other hand, government officials at all levels are constantly failing to discharge their duties. That list would go on forever. Are our borders secure? Do cities and states allow Marijuana in violation of federal law?

On the third hand, threatening prosecution, even for a misdemeanor, over religious beliefs, is typical in Progressive (nice fascist) World. Oh, and, tolerance

Equality NC, a group that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, expressed concern Wednesday that magistrates refusing to marry same-sex couples might escape punishment.

These same people were probably pretty darned upset when they could be prosecuted, or just plain hounded, over being gay. Were upset they could be fired for being gay. And they’d well within their right to be upset. Now they want to turn the shoe around and go after those who oppose gay marriage. Cause tolerance and diversity and liberals are oh so nice!

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2 Responses to “NC Magistrates Could Face Criminal Charges If Refuse To Perform Gay Marriages”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The NC law allows for criminal charges but it’s extremely unlikely.

    NC will find the sweet spot where the magistrates will discharge their legal obligations and reasonable accommodations made for their religious beliefs. After all, this was thrust upon the magistrates, and was not what they signed up for.

    But requiring the magistrates to do their job is hardly fascism. What NC liberal threatened prosecution? Pamela Weaver Best? Or were you just being over the top ’cause dumbass?

  2. Xrlq says:

    Sure it’s what they signed up for. Whether they knew this specific law would change is really beside the point. Surely they knew laws would change from time to time, and it’s their job as magistrates to uphold the law. What’s next, judges allowed to deny divorces because Jesus?

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