England May Have Problems Keeping The Lights On

Why? Because of the idiotic “climate change” policies

(UK Express and Star)  Increasing the reliance on renewable energy sources such as windfarms while cutting carbon emissions is a “flawed” plan, Owen Paterson will say in a speech next week.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, the Conservative MP will also call for the 2007 Climate Change Act that requires Britain to reduce fossil fuels use to be suspended until other countries sign up to similar restrictions.

Mr Paterson, who was sacked in the summer reshuffle, wants a series of small nuclear power stations created to meet domestic power demands.

“Blind adhesion to the 2050 targets will not reduce emissions and will fail to keep the lights on,” he will say. “The current energy policy is a slave to flawed climate action.

“It will cost £1,100 billion, fail to meet the very emissions targets it is designed to meet, and will not provide the UK’s energy requirements.

One day mankind will surely be able to replace energy sources like coal with other, cleaner methods. Today is not this this day. Nor next year. Possibly not even within the next 50-100 years, without a major breakthrough in power density capture. Meanwhile, the policies of Warmists cause prices to rise and energy needs to be left wanting, as has happened over the past 5 out of 6 brutal winters in Europe. Oh, and the last two years without a spring.

But, Warmists do not care about the results of their policy shenanigans: they only care about the policies themselves.

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