Federal Judge Nullifies Gay Marriage Law Which 60% Voted For

This should make liberals happy

(WRAL) Nearly two years after North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment recognizing marriage only as a union between a man and a woman, a federal court judge in Asheville on Friday overturned the ban, allowing gay and lesbian couples across the state to marry immediately.

U.S. District Court Judge Max Cogburn’s ruling came five days after the nation’s top court declined to hear any appeal of a July decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond striking down Virginia’s ban. That court has jurisdiction over North Carolina.

Two points: first, Liberals are really, really like Direct Democracy. Except when they lose at the ballot box, then they sue to usurp the will of the People.

Second, when can bigamists and polygamists get married? Equality, right? If you support gay marriage, but not bigamy and polygamy, why not? Explain, you bigot.

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3 Responses to “Federal Judge Nullifies Gay Marriage Law Which 60% Voted For”

  1. Xrlq says:

    Third: Federal judge (singular) didn’t nullify anything. The Fourth Circuit did that. Once the Supreme Court denied cert there was nothing for any lower court judge to do.

    Fourth: Who the hell cares what percentage of NC voters voted for Amendment One (or should we call it Amendment Zero now)? Its margin of passage makes no difference whatsoever. It either comports with the federal Constitution or it doesn’t.

  2. Jeffery says:

    There is a push in the most liberal state in America to keep far-rightists from marrying to slow their breeding. The proposed law will check voting records and label anyone who voted for McCain-Palin AND Romney-Ryan AND the Republican Senatorial candidate AND the Republican Congressional candidate in their district as far-right and will ban them from marrying another far-rightist. The ban on Same-Wingnut Marriage would apply after Jan 1 2016. A recent poll showed 63% of state citizens favored the ban. It passed by a 73-32 vote in the state House and will surely pass their Senate. The Governor (I) has indicated approval of the bill.

    Do you think the Federal courts should take a look? Or do you think the people of the state have spoken?

  3. Jeffery says:

    Almost related –

    Just saw iconoclastic Yale constitutional scholar Akhil Reed Amar suggest we photograph voters without proper IDs at polling place – placing the burden on the state.

    That would seem to encourage all voters to show up while also solving any issues with direct voter fraud (except for those that might monkey with the post vote records).

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