How To Save The Planet From Hotcoldwetdry?

Warmist Bill Moyers is utterly concerned with saving the planet from “climate change”, so, obviously, he recommends that Warmists practice what they preach, and has promised to give up his own use of fossil fuels! Oh, wait, no, he wants spreading awareness and a carbon tax

How to Save the Planet

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We reached out to a handful of scientists, policy experts, writers and activists to ask: “If you could require America to do just one thing — any one thing — to combat climate change in 2014, what would it be?” Here’s what they said:

Hyper-warmist David Suzuki wants projects akin to the space race. Guess he’s not going carbon neutral himself. William D. Nordhaus says

People ask, what can I do? My answer is that people should address the threat of climate change in ways that best fit their personal interests and capabilities. Students can learn, and teachers can teach. Citizens can inform themselves. Engineers can develop low-carbon technologies. Politicians can confront the realities and speak the truth. Media can avoid meaningless balancing of good and bad arguments. As an economist, I can explain why carbon pricing (such as through carbon taxes) is the most effective mechanism to reduce emissions. There is much to do, for everyone.

So, spreading awareness, passing laws that restrict freedom, a carbon tax, destroying economies, and, of course, restricting freedom of speech. Annie Leonard of Greenpeace

If I could require Americans to do one thing, it is to get active! Already millions know and are concerned about climate change, now we need to move that passive concern into action. That action could take many forms depending on each person’s skills and interests: shut down coal-fired power plants, get your university to divest from fossil fuels and invest in a clean energy economy, encourage companies and state and local governments to switch to renewable energy, demand leadership from our elected officials. It doesn’t matter so much which thing we do, as long as we all do something.

How about changing your own life, Annie? Give up fossil fuels.

  • Kerry Emanuel wants a carbon tax, and even wants “Finally, I would start a movement to amend the Constitution to make it illegal to influence (whether by voting or through money) elections outside one’s own district.” Actually, I’m good with that. I’ve always hated money coming in from outside districts. Not sure what that has to do with Hotcoldwetdry, though.
  • Kumi Naido, another Greenpeace executive director, compares “climate change” to slavery, and wants civil disobedience to fossil fuels companies, failing to note that they aren’t Government, and also failing to tell us that he has given up all fossil fuels usage himself.
  • Bill McKibben, part of the nutty, wants a carbon tax, and to treat this like its WWIII, and to break the fossil fuels industry. Yet, he still takes lots of fossil fueled flights and vehicle trips.
  • Vandana Shiva, a philosopher (has an S in her name) and environmental activist, wants to stop corporate greed. But not go carbon neutral herself.
  • And, finally, Sandra Steingraber thinks we’re approaching the last-straw-breaks-the-camel’s-back moment, would ban fracking.

Note that none of these folks advocate for other Warmists to make significant changes in their own lives to go carbon neutral. Nor do they seem willing to make significant changes in their own lives. This is why I say this is all about politics. Oh, and

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16 Responses to “How To Save The Planet From Hotcoldwetdry?”

  1. Jeffery says:


    They are right and you are wrong, quite simply put.

    Also, the graph you continue to display is false and you know it. Are you satisfied lying to the uninformed? Is that enough for you?

    Finally, be a man for once and explain to me why you think the graph you show represents the Earth’s temperature record. Or are ya chicken to discuss it? cluck, cluck, cluck…

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  3. Better_Late_Than_Gumball says:

    Engineers can develop low-carbon technologies. Politicians can confront the realities and speak the truth. Media can avoid meaningless balancing of good and bad arguments.

    I have absolutely no idea what this means. Can you envision a carbon-free steel bridge? Well, it wouldn’t be steel any more. Politicians speaking truth? BWAHAHAHAA And, he wants the media to be one-sided. Gotcha. Sounds like Moyers interviewed people to give him the story he wrote already.

    That action could take many forms depending on each person’s skills and interests: shut down coal-fired power plants,

    Kumi Naido, another Greenpeace executive director… and wants civil disobedience to fossil fuels companies,

    Bill McKibben, part of the nutty, wants.. to treat this like its WWIII

    Advocating violence is never the right answer. But I’d expect nothing less from liberal fascists.

    J, until you prove that it is wrong, you’re blowing smoke once again. Monckton’s description of how he developed this particular analytical graph has held up to scrutiny. Show us your data as refutation.

  4. jl says:

    “they are right and you are wrong..” Another detailed, reasoned, hard-hitting rebuttal from J.

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  7. Jeffery says:


    Let me help. Note that they did not say carbon-free, but low carbon. And engineers do more than build bridges. In fact the amount of carbon used for steel construction is teensy-tiny to the amount of carbon we burn every day. As far as the media being one-sided… the suggestion is to not give the Monckton’s, Limbaugh’s and Beck’s the same attention as the truth. It’s like giving those who still think the Earth is the center of the solar system equal time to scientists. It’s like giving creationism the same respect as evolution.

    You continue to make stuff up. Remember when you claimed the RSS satellite data were the best and most reliable, but you never backed up that claim? You just made that up. Like now. Little “Lord” Monckton’s graph has met the scrutiny of Teach. Please, we beseech you, tell us where to find the scrutiny that “Lord” Monckton’s data has withstood. No climate scientist takes him seriously.

    The “Lord” has cherry picked not only the time interval but also the actual data sources! He picked RSS because it shows less warming than the other datasets. Period. Your “Lord” is a fraud. You can believe in this “Lord” if you want but he is a false prophet. Why doesn’t Teach use data from actual scientists? We both know why.

    I’ve linked different Temperature Trend Calculators for you deniers so that you could do your own research, yet you rely on non-scientist frauds to deliver the gospel you want so desperately to hear.

    Here’s the deal. The media have in the past 6 mos or so, for whatever reasons, decided to do their jobs and report on global warming. It’s becoming harder and harder for the Monckton’s to find room in the legitimate media. The scientific argument has been over for some time, and the political battle is now turning. I give it a year.

  8. Jeffery says:


    Sometimes the truth is all it takes. Anymore, there is little to refute from the likes of Teach when they try to discuss climate.

    Teach repeats the same tired, oft-refuted, denier canards… restrict freedom, destroy economies, restricting freedom of speech… he claims, falsely, that climate realists are causing global warming, and that they refuse (again falsely) to change their own lifestyles. He wraps up with Little “Lord” Monckton’s misleading graph, claiming (ignorantly or maliciously) that the Earth hasn’t warmed for almost 18 yrs. And Teach refuses to defend the data or to even discuss it.

    Nothing to re-refute, just the same lies and ill-informed opinions.

    The scientists are right, Teach is wrong.

  9. Jeffery says:

    Wow. Now those left-wing warmist insurance companies are taking global warming seriously.

  10. Tuesday morning links

    Pic of photographer pigeon from World War I in Photos: Animals at War Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest The Power of Character on ‘Mad Men’ The Knightly Ideal How to get and keep a job Nanny State Unive

  11. Jeffery says:

    Freedom-loving Republicans in NC are trying to protect frackers from the job-killing citizenry interested in identifying what chemicals frackers are pumping into the water supply:

  12. KT says:

    Jeffrey, PHIL JONES of Climategate fame admitted in 2010 that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming. And how about all that lost data?

    Do all scientists keep their data & programs locked inside a boobytrapped Ark of the Covenant, or is that just a climate science thing? . . . . Iowahawk

  13. Jeffery says:


    And yet a couple years later it was “statistically significant”.

    Please elaborate on the “lost data”. I’m not familiar with it.

  14. Better_Late_Than_Gumball says:

    Please elaborate on “later it was statistically significant”. Saying so don’t make it so. No evidence yet to suggest it.

  15. john says:

    2013 was the 6th warmest on record. Why does that graph show that it was only “average”
    Teach you are always cherry picking data
    How about a graph of say the last 25 years??
    If there hasn’t been any warming why has the arctic ice declined so much in the last 17 years?
    Teach if it isn’t getting any warmer, why do you think the US Navy thinks that it will have new security responsibilities in the arctic?
    Do you consider the US Navy to be part of this giant conspiracy and hoax that only a few such as yourself have been able to see through ?

  16. Better_Late_Than_Gumball says:

    J, Those are not Teach’s graphs and your lies are getting tiresome. You know whose they belong to and yet you continue to troll along being a tiresome troll.

    2013 was not 6th warmest on record. It also depends on which temperature record you are using. The satellite record, the closest to reality (tho not perfect), shows you what the graph shows you.

    Arctic sea ice is not on a 17 year decline. It is within the normal bounds of the average.

    Global sea ice is above the so-called normal.

    While the Northern Sea Ice Extent is down, it is very hard to compare that slight drop over 35 years to our past global ice ages and get concerned. Or compared to past warm periods when there wasn’t an Arctic coverage.

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