Christian Victim Of Boko Haram Denied Visa Multiple Times

So claims her human rights attorney

(CNS News) A 15-year-old girl who witnessed the murder of her father and teenage brother at the hands of Boko Haram terrorists says she decided to tell her story after the group kidnapped almost 300 schoolgirls last month in the same village in northern Nigeria where she grew up.

Deborah Peters, speaking Tuesday at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., recalled how in 2011 members of Boko Haram came to her home in Chibok, where she lived with her brother and father, who was a pastor of a local church.

“Three men knocked on our door, and then my brother opened the door for them,” Peters said. “And they asked him, ‘Where is your dad?’ And he told them, ‘My dad is in the bathroom taking a shower.’

They took her dad out and attempted to force him to “deny his faith”, threatening to kill him if he didn’t. He refused, so, they shot him three times, shot her brother three times, then tied her up and left her between the corpses.

Emmanuel Ogebe, the human rights attorney who helped Peters come to the United States, said that visa requests filed on Peters’ behalf were denied “multiple times,” with the State Department citing no family ties in the U.S. as the reason.

Part of the reason was because Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. refused to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization. I will say, the designation wasn’t as cut and dry as some claim, when international diplomacy comes into play. I truly hate to cite a Media Matters article, but, I recommend reading the latter half.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank has a bit of a meltdown in an article proclaiming that the Right Blames Hillary for the Boko Haram kidnapping, the same Hillary whose State Dept. supposedly denied Ms. Peters a visa (and, I think we can believe that the claim actually happened, based on what we’ve seen from the State Dept, especially under Clinton/Obama)

Conservatives have reached the firm conclusion that Hillary Clinton is to blame for those Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram, 14 months after she left office.

On Fox News last week, Elisabeth Hasselbeck attributed the attack to Clinton’s failure to put the group on a list of foreign terrorist organizations when she was secretary of state. That “perhaps could have saved these girls earlier,” Hasselbeck declared.

Interesting. That second article is the same one I cited from Media Matters. The first is from the always unhinged Slate, written by the always unhinged Amanda Marcotte. What Dana, along with the rest of his unhinged brethren miss, is not that Hillary is solely to blame, as the we blame the perpetrators, the hardcore Islamist members of Boko Haram. What is being noted is that Hillary was in charge of the State Dept. when it was refusing to designate BK as a terrorist organization. Milbank is also missing the point that this is politics. And, hey, I don’t remember Milbank complaining when Democrats were blaming George Bush for 9/11, rather than al Qaeda. Nor did he complain when Democrats Blamed Bush for “creating more terrorists” for daring to fight back against the terrorists. A talking point that disappeared when Obama kept the fight up and has been drone striking them.

Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show, suggested that Clinton didn’t designate the group as terrorist because its members are black.

Neither Politico nor Milbank understand the tongue in cheek statement was, in terms of Liberals always going the racist route when Conservatives do something.

The abduction of hundreds of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram, the latest atrocity by the militant group claiming to be acting on Islamic principles, has little to do with the United States.

Strange. Libya had little to do with the United States, yet, Obama launched an air war. Milbank goes on to give more “examples”, ending with

It was a textbook example of the anatomy of a smear.

Well, gee, Dana, what, exactly, did she do to work against Boko Haram? Perhaps you’d care to comment on Ms. Peters, and why her visa was denied many times?

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4 Responses to “Christian Victim Of Boko Haram Denied Visa Multiple Times”

  1. john says:

    Teach is your position that all christians fleeing from muslim terrorism be allowed to come into the USA ?
    That certainly would be a position that a good christian might take

  2. Jeffery says:

    Laura Ingraham: Boko-ghazi!!

    Or as Karl Rove might say, Brain-ghazi!!

    The Republics are looking ahead to 2016, but since they just don’t know what to do, they smear Clinton at every turn. She conspired to kill Chris Stevens, she kidnapped the Nigerian girls, she’s brain damaged!! It’s a reflex disguised as a strategy.

    The idea that you or any far-right extremists care a whit about black girls in Nigeria is laughable.

  3. Better_Late_Than_Gumballs says:

    Emmanuel Ogebe, the human rights attorney who helped Peters come to the United States, said that visa requests filed on Peters’ behalf were denied “multiple times,”

    If she were to get here illegally, then she could either get her VISA or just be welcomed with tons of welfare and free education.

    Teach, with most of the comments on TPC coming from anti-western way of life folk, and their monotonous droning on about how horrible freedom-loving people are, it makes commenting here tedious. I commend you for your dedication to keep the blog up. Esp in light of their constant negativity and the worlds continued decline into immoral depravity.

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