Preconceived Science: Looking For Clues In 2,000 Year Old Ice

This is how “science” occurs in the “climate change” bubble

(Reuters) Polar scientists who retrieved ice samples from the Antarctic say they are on the verge of unlocking 2,000 years of climate records offering clues to how global warming will affect our future.

An international team traveled to Antarctica’s Aurora Basin in a five-week project that began last December, to drill for ice samples needed to bridge a gap in knowledge of temperature changes over the last 20 centuries.

Using the latest technology to probe the secrets of the past, the scientists hope to gain information to improve climate models and give a sense of normal frequency and patterns now seen in extreme events such as droughts, cyclones and floods.

Taking a look at some ice cores to see how the climate has changed is not a bad idea. It might open some Warmist’s eyes….lol, made myself laugh. However, can you already see that the answers are already written? Let’s jump back to that in a moment

“This kind of thing is really big science,” Gales added. “It requires a lot of collaboration to get a whole lot of people and a whole lot of equipment hundreds of kilometers inland on the Antarctic continent.”

Um, doesn’t that require fossil fuels? Anyhow

The long time-series data from the ice cores, combined with other information, will improve understanding of extreme events, Gales said, by revealing how humans have influenced climate change through the burning of fossil fuels.

That’s Nick Gales, chief scientist of the Australian Antarctic Division in Tasmania, involved with this project. The answer is already preconceived. You know, science. Fossil fuels bad, and lots of fossil fuels used to get to the research site. I wonder how they will spin the results, which will show numerous changes in the climate prior to fossil fuels.

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5 Responses to “Preconceived Science: Looking For Clues In 2,000 Year Old Ice”

  1. Bob says:

    “…revealing how humans have influenced climate change…”

    That says it all. Those yahoos will see only the data they want to see.

  2. John says:

    Teach you always seem to be advocating 100% purity in all things political. Now in your own life did you immediately run off to enlist after 9/11 ? They did raise the age up.
    The amount of carbon that these scientists will put into the atmosphere is insignificant. Even YOU should be able to understand taht

  3. david7134 says:

    Did anyone understand a thing as to what John posted?

  4. Jeffery says:


    Sometimes you’re as transparent as weak piss. Of course you don’t want the scientists to do any further research, that’s why you criticize them for even conducting it. Then, you claim the results will be invalid. Just because.

    Perhaps you’ve forgotten, but you’re a Science Denier. You deny the evidence that demonstrates that the burning of fossil fuels is causing the Earth to warm.

    You have repeatedly smeared climate realists because they use fossil fuels, although most use a lot less than the typical Neanderthal right-wingnut. It’s a typically ham-fisted semantic ploy used by the logically challenged: set an arbitrary and impossible hurdle and declare victory when your opponent can’t satisfy it. It’s childish, transparent and so illogical that it’s why you can gain no traction with your rants.

    My carbon footprint is half the national average (and dropping).

  5. Nighthawk says:

    So now it’s PC to have enlisted after 9/11 and somehow bad if not?

    How about you? You seem really interested in Teach’s life. Did you enlist? Have you ever served?

    And before you ask, yes I did serve. Spent 5 years in the Navy. Served aboard the USS Stark and USS Antrim from ’84 to ’89.

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