WSJ: Obama’s Climate Bomb

It was also called a bad work of science fiction by Tucano’s Perch. It’s actually worse (via The Hockey Schtick, where you can read the entire Wall Street Journal article, which is behind the paywall)

Obama’s Climate Bomb

Supervising the Earth’s climate—or at least believing humanity can achieve such miracles—may be the only political project grandiose enough for President Obama. So it shouldn’t surprise that after reforming health care and raising taxes, the White House is now getting the global-warming band back together, though it is still merely playing the old classics of unscientific panic.

On Wednesday the White House released the quadrennial National Climate Assessment, an 829-page report. The theme is that “this is not some distant problem of the future. This is a problem that is affecting Americans right now,” as Mr. Obama told lovable weather personality Al Roker. (snip)

But as a marketing exercise, the report has the feel of that infomercial footage of the people who can’t crack an egg or perform routine household tasks until they acquire this or that as-seen-on-TV product. The cautious findings of serious empirical climate literature are so obviously exaggerated and colored that the document is best understood as a political tract with a few scientific footnotes.

It’s been the coldest year on record for the US so far. Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot, cold is now caused by greenhouse gases. My Bad!

Anyhow, the NCA, when you actually read it, says things aren’t that bad. It even notes

But the fine print that few will ever read acknowledges the real uncertainties of something as complex as the planet’s atmosphere. “There has been no universal trend in the overall extent of drought across the continental U.S. since 1900,” the authors observe. We also learn that “trends in severe storms, including the intensity and frequency of tornadoes, hail, and damaging thunderstorm winds, are uncertain and are being studied intensively.” And so on.

Hmm, that’s weird. But, no weirder than proclaiming doom cause of Mankind’s release of CO2 and then coming up with 11 excuses as to why it is mostly nature that has caused the 17 year and 9 month pause.

The National Climate Assessment matters because it serves as the underlying justification for carbon-related regulations. Introducing bias into this primary source (though it does not make new analytic contributions) will distort the rule-making process across the government for years to come.

The report reveals less about climate than it does about the method of the President who described the night he won the Democratic nomination as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” The White House is telling all and sundry that Mr. Obama wants to fill out his last two and a half years in office with action on climate change, but the report shows he doesn’t want an open or honest debate.

Exactly. This is all about politics. As I’ve noted in reply to many politicians and Warmists flogging climate change

The Journal wraps up with

The irony is that to the extent Mr. Obama’s agenda damages economic growth, he is leaving the country less prepared for climate change. Gallup recently reported that only a third of Americans worry about global warming and that the share that thinks the threat is exaggerated rose 15 percentage points to 42% over the last two decades. If liberals are wondering why the public is skeptical, one reason is because politicians are abusing science.

The reality is that the climate did flip to a warmer one in the mid-1800’s, after the very deep Little Ice Age. Which followed a warm period. And a cool period. And a warm period. Etc. The short term climate could continue in pause for years or decades. It could dip, like from the 40’s through the 70’s. It could start warming. It could flip to a typical Holocene cool period. Time will tell. No matter what, the climate changes, and the world is still currently in a warm period. There’s nothing wrong with many adaption schemes, nor alternative energy, regardless of your belief it is anthropogenic or not. What we do not need to do is piss away money in a political manner which accomplishes little, while destroying the economy. Not too mention the massive increase in fascistic, controlling Big Government.

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6 Responses to “WSJ: Obama’s Climate Bomb”

  1. david7134 says:

    In my area of Louisiana, this has taken on the form of destroying power plants, many of which had already been approved and thereby destroying economic activity and raising the price of energy. I am wondering it the ultimate goal in more to harm to the economy. That seems to be the goal of this nut.

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  3. Jeffery says:

    “The short term climate could continue in pause for years or decades. It could dip, like from the 40′s through the 70′s. It could start warming. It could flip to a typical Holocene cool period.”

    Major shifts in climate do not occur by magic but are caused by physical phenomena. Only someone who believes that magic or gods control physical processes can think major climate changes can just flip back and forth randomly. There is no such thing as a “typical Holocene cool period.”

    The Earth’s surface and oceans continue to warm because of CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere. Humans will be forced to adjust to the physical changes this warming causes, such as melting glacials, weather extremes, ocean acidification and rising sea levels.

    Little of what Teach types about climate is supported by evidence.

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  5. Jeffery says:


    The reason your proposed meme – Progressives are hypocrites because they don’t practice what they preach – isn’t catching on is because it doesn’t ring true to anyone.

    You don’t even believe it yourself. Do you really believe that ONLY conservatives drive Prius’, use CFL bulbs, recycle, compost, shop and eat locally, and pay extra for “green” energy? Of course you don’t believe that. You know better.

    The simple fact is that you and your ilk deny that carbon emissions are relevant to climate, but rather than honestly support and defend that point, you direct irrelevant, personal attacks at others.

    We can each estimate our “carbon footprints” using a number of online calculators.

  6. John says:

    wow Teach coldest year yet for the USA?
    Of course the USA is what % of the Earth’s surface and is just how significant ?
    When you post coldest EVAH !! do you ever bother to check ? Or does the manic hysteria just force you to put it in?Because
    when I go to NOAA and check it just doesn’t see to jibe with what you are saying.
    NOAA says that the period JanFebMar (the latest available) puts the continental USA as the 41st out of 119
    and that doesn’t include Alaska which was quite warm since the polar vortex moved so far south.
    As for the economy American corporations are posting record high profits as well as record high share holder value in the Dow.

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