Obviously, We’re Doomed From Sea Rise

Of course, all the good little Warmists, from the big folks at the national and international media, to bloggers are losing their minds over the National Climate Assessment, because “climate change is here now”. Because there was no climate change before or something. Here’s one that has gone beyond losing their minds

Global warming has never been explained quite so beautifully

Climate change and the effects of global warming have been thoroughly and beautifully detailed on two sites. One is GlobalChange.gov, which features the White House’s National Climate Assessment report, and the other is WorldUnderWater.org, a website that uses Google Street view images to show users what their home cities would look under water.

The GlobalChange.gov site features rich graphics, plenty of high-quality images and even social integration, resembling a touch-optimized site that sells high-tech products online in the Post PC era more so than a site meant to provide quick access to a very serious report about climate change.

In addition to stunning visuals, the website provides lots of information about the current state of the climate, and how these changes will affect the planet in the future. For example, in the Oceans section – which can be directly tied to WorldUnderWater.org site – the report explains the changes oceans go through and what that means for their ecosystems, but also for the entire world.

Here’s the photo the article uses, which comes from the worldunderwater.org site (you may need Chrome to see the website properly)

Yes, that is the Arc de Triomph in Paris. Paris is roughly 80 feet to 485 feet above sea level. The Arc is around 301 feet above sea level. This is what makes Warmists beyond absurd: they imagine these types of insane occurrences. You will not need a boat to visit the Arc.

Other insane prognostications from that website show Moscow flooded, among others. If I look up Raleigh, it shows the same, despite being, on average 434 feet above see level. The site yammers on about a 6 foot rise by 2100. Obviously, math and science are not strong points amongst Warmists. Seriously, if you type in places like Denver, you’ll get the same.

Of course, their solution is to purchase carbon credits. In other words, they’re trying to scare people to make money.

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3 Responses to “Obviously, We’re Doomed From Sea Rise”

  1. […] into thinking if we don’t go along with their plans the weather is going to get really bad. The Pirate’s Cove linked to a website that you can plug your address into to see what will happen if we do nothing […]

  2. Jeffery says:

    So NOW you’re interested in accuracy in advocacy? LOL. You reap what you sow.

    You and your ilk LIE on every issue related to global warming, but now you clutch your pearls and swoon when someone exaggerates with photos! LOL.

  3. david7134 says:

    It is the liberals/communist that are making the global warming argument. They are the ones putting forth the false data. All that conservatives are doing is questioning the findings, that is not lying, it is the scientific process and peer review. Both of these have been abolished with the warming nuts.

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