Environmentalist Says Warmists Need To Give It A Break

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things that annoys me about Warmists is that the fold every real environmental issue under the “climate change” banner, marginalizing the real issue. Here’s an enviro, Jim Steele, who has a problem, too

(Mercury News) About 10 years ago, while working to restore watershed and wildlife habitat, Steele said it became clear that landscape changes and natural cycles had a much greater impact on wildlife than climate change. The initial plan was to write on the subject for various magazines and websites, but he realized only a book could tell the whole story. This Sunday, Steele will be at Florey’s to sign and discuss the book which developed from these earlier musings — “Landscapes & Cycles” (An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism).

“The more I researched the causes of change in wildlife populations and local climates, the more I became appalled by the amount of bad science that was too easily published simply because it agreed with the prevailing bias of climate catastrophes,” Steele said. “Every other chapter of the book highlights different species whose decline was mistakenly blamed on rising CO2.”


In another chapter, he discusses the colony of emperor penguins featured in the film, “March of the Penguins.”

“Despite that global warming models suggesting they will go extinct, the local temperature trend has never shown any warming,” Steele explained. “The faulty model was based on a drop in numbers in the ’70s when researchers were disturbing the colony and three islands were dynamited to make an airstrip. Likewise a chapter on Adélie penguins shows except for one small region, the Adélie penguins have been steadily increasing. The penguins that are genuinely endangered are not in Antarctica but on islands like the Galapagos where introduced cats and rats decimate the populations.”

There are real man caused environmental issues, several more are discussed in the article, and we need to address them if possible. If Warmists simply say “climate change!!!!!!” instead of the real root cause, it’s not science, and we can never deal with the real issue.

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One Response to “Environmentalist Says Warmists Need To Give It A Break”

  1. OverTaxed_Gumballs says:


    Awesome. Glad to read sanity and reality hit. There are real causes to concern environmentalists and those can be fixed.

    For decades, during the 40s-60s, the Fish and Wildlife Service had an idea to increase salmon survival in the Pac NW. They used to drive bulldozers up and down some creek beds (yes, IN the creekbeds) in order to “smooth” out the creek bottom and clear out debris. When the salmon numbers continued to drop, they bulldozed more and more.

    It wasn’t until someone came along and did real science and said, “wait, salmon USE the natural environment before man came along, and today’s salmon NEED the biological matter in the water to survive, to rest, and to hide from predators.”

    SO, during the last few decades… lol… we’ve now been dumping MORE debris in to the creeks. They’re called Manufactured log-jams.

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