CNN Really Psyched That Government Has Reopened

Even though only 17% of the government was (supposedly) shutdown, the cheerleaders at CNN are super happy. How happy? With a massive graphic

I caught this CNN graphic while I was walking through the customer waiting room on my way in with lunch, and had to literally take a couple steps back in a pseudo double take manner to make sure I was actually seeing this correctly. Stolen from Ace, who notes “This… is a crippling progressive mindset that blinds CNN to its own bias.” This is the kind of bias that allows CNN London to interview…another so-called journalist about the effects of Shutdown Theater on The World.

PS: The Lonely Conservative rips President Snippypants apart, particularly about his comment to “ignore bloggers”

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6 Responses to “CNN Really Psyched That Government Has Reopened”

  1. OverTaxed_Gumballs says:

    And don’t forget the added pork in this new agreement. Now, we have another new super committee to come to an agreement on budget cutting. But, maybe, hopefully, doubtfully, this new “deal” will create a new sequester. To add on to the current sequester, to make a real type of budget cut.

    But, who knew that 17% of the Fed gov’t could affect so many people and cause the media to wet their pants.

    You know what amazes me more, but not surprises me?
    1) Lying crook Cory Booker gets elected.
    2) Keith Loudmouth gets a new show and gets to do sports rants again.
    3) anti-American photog-basher gay-bashing Alec Baldwin gets a talk show.

    This shows you how far we have fallen and why Conservatives will never gain power in Fed gov’t.

  2. […] things can’t wait.It was really too much to take. I had to turn it off.Update: Linked by The Pirate’s Cove, who noted that this wasn’t too much for CNN. No sirree, they’re happier than a vampire […]

  3. Jeffery says:

    This illustrates just how out of touch and cloistered the far-right have become.

    “Government re-opens” seems like an accurate statement.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    “Government re-opens” seems like an accurate statement.

    How so?

    The fact is that 83% of the government never shut down so it would seem highly inaccurate to say that something that never closed was reopening.

  5. It’s about CNN making a massive deal with graphics, Jeffrey.

    BTW, Jeffrey is not John. Different IPs, different email, other metrics different. Plus, Jeffrey tends to deal with the posted material, while John was immediately deflecting to something else.

  6. OverTaxed_Gumballs says:

    Ok, I’ll take your word for it cuz you would know. But it’s just the sense I got, with his snide snippy remarks, his over-blatant generalization that REPUBS are responsible for every bad thing.

    But, we also have not seen john in a long while. And, if john switched internet providers….

    And J (I’ll settle with J since it covers both), if the government never shutdown, but only certain services were denied to certain people, and certain parks were shutdown despite no authority to do so, and a small portion of the Fed Gov’t civilian workforce was furloughed, then how can you claim it was shut down?

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