Warmists Tell Us Exactly What They Want To Do

Well, what they want for Everyone Else, since they are mostly not doing this for themselves (via Tom Nelson)

((Progressive) Universe Today) Toward the end of this 900-page report, the IPCC looked toward our future, focusing on the climate after the year 2100. Here, Universe Today, explores two extreme scenarios for the Earth by 2100.

1.) Embracing the Challenges of Climate Change

The conclusions reached by climate scientists at the end of the 21st Century were undeniable. We embraced climate change by investing heavily in renewable energies. Both large-scale companies and individuals bought energy drawn from the sunlight, wind, and geothermal heat. (shouldn’t that read “were forced to buy drastically increasing the cost of business and life?)

Homes across the world became more sustainable. Their total square feet shrunk, as home owners learned to live with less. It was not uncommon to dress a roof with plants or solar panels. Even the layout of homes changed. They rested partially underground, taking advantage of geothermal heat, and faced South (in the case of the Northern hemisphere) to take advantage of the warm sunlight. (so, smaller homes and we have to do with less because no one can afford it and innovation has been stifled by high taxation. Oh, and we’re apparently turning into Morlocks)

We now eat far less meat than we did in the early 21st Century to cut the emissions generated from livestock farming. Pastures have been replaced with booming forests – helping to absorb CO2. We also eat more locally. (OK, forced vegetarian Morlocks. Looks like even soylent green is out)

The world followed in China’s footsteps and restricted couples to a certain number of children, reducing our overall population. (funny how Warmists mostly consider to have more than 1 child themselves. They’d be surprised as hell when the fascistic government child decrees effected themselves.)

We live in small compact cities where we drive hybrid cars and take public transport to work. Carbon offsets must be purchased when taking long trips. Most families vacation in their own backyard – exploring all that nature has to offer in the nearby vicinity. (We take staycations because no one has any money because everything is super expensive, and unemployment is about 50%, plus there are few in the younger generation to pay for all the promised social safety nets. Oh, and all the nature of urban gangs do what they do at our tiny homes because personal protection will surely be banned in this Progressive utopia)

Aren’t you thrilled with the way Warmists envision the future?

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8 Responses to “Warmists Tell Us Exactly What They Want To Do”

  1. See_My_Gumballs_They_Be_Rollin says:

    Their total square feet shrunk, as home owners learned to live with less.

    None of your business or any others how much home I want to buy. Funny how they want to dictate the size of homes while many in 2nd and 3rd world are struggling with clay huts and shanties.

    It was not uncommon to dress a roof with plants or solar panels.

    Vastly increasing the cost of the engineering and decreasing the safety.

    They rested partially underground,

    Again, increasing the cost, and increasing water-infiltration issues, and structural problems. And many designer homes are already situated either towards or away from the sun depending on latitutde. Many are without choice due to residential plotting.

    We now eat far less meat than we did in the early 21st Century to cut the emissions generated from livestock farming

    First World choices. We can choose what we want to eat. Meanwhile, growing 2nd and 3rd world nations increased their meat intake due to increasing wealth and cheaper agricultural practices.

    The world followed in China’s footsteps and restricted couples to a certain number of children

    Unfortunately this was a result of our nations turning to Despotic Socialism where class warfare took a very dark turn. Forced abortions were now mandated by the forced universal healthcare due to lack of funds to care for population.

    We live in small compact cities where we drive hybrid cars and take public transport to work</blockquote>
    Because totalitarian Socialists hate freedoms and giving people the freedom to live where they want. Forcing people in to small forcibly contained cities, allows for greater government control of what people are able to buy and where they can go.

    They’ve always told us their plans. They’ve never hidden them. It’s our dumbing down population that forgets the problems and loss of freedoms that come with voting these goons in.

  2. Trish Mac says:

    Well if that’s Utopia, I’d prefer Hell.
    I love that they want us to reign in every aspect of OUR lives, yet the liberals in power, and in Hollywood, have massive homes, multiple cars, often private planes and boats. I find it hard to believe that any of them will comply- but we the Morlocks must obey their orders and become hippies living off the land (without meat of course) without heat and air conditioning and entertainment, so that the earth won’t do what the earth is going to do with or without our efforts. It’s priceless.
    Gumballs, I fear that the dumbing down process has taken it’s toll already- there are way too many smart idiots who are willing to buy into this horseshi+!

  3. First World choices

    Boom! It’s easy for Warmists to yammer on about this stuff since they already obtained their modern lifestyle. Leaving 3rd worlders in squalor? No biggie for Warmists.

    Exactly right, Trish. You don’t see the people who push this idiocy actually practicing what they preach, which should be the first question asked of every Warmist. I almost always ask Warmists if they have changed their lifestyle, and, as you can guess, they aren’t happy with the question.

  4. Trish Mac says:

    Exactly right Teach.
    And, if living in squalor was such an idyllic lifestyle, and so much better for the temperature of the world and protecting Gaia; then how come all of those poor folks (who I bet ya would love a nice hot meal in front of them three times a day- preferably with some red meat) all want to be more like us and at the same time, most hate us westerners for our opulence? Don’t they recognize their own Nirvana when they see it? They should pity us with our stoves and grills and vacuum cleaners and running water and spas and vehicles and homes with carpeting.
    I’d like for the warmists to go and see how happy these people are, who continue to live so close to the earth. The so called “simpler lifestyle” ain’t a bucket of roses.

  5. See_My_Gumballs_They_Be_Rollin says:

    Not so fast Teach. I know of warmers that have changed their ways in order to save the planet. They’ve gone to a Starbucks closer to their home, instead of driving to their favorite one each and every day to buy that $5 cup of coffee worth $0.50.

    ~They use those cloth grocery bags from that chic little grocery chain across town – 10 miles across town – that hypes about local foods (local being within the state or region cuz there’s no farm within 100 miles of your city).

    ~They only buy bottled water because that water is safer to drink.

    ~They only eat the “free range” meats when they do eat meat knowing that all advertising tells them the truth, cuz the gov’t said. Not knowing that either the meat came from some small Brazilian farm that is state run, or the previous wearers of that meat were allowed to roam free just long enough to be recaptured and penned prior to slaughter.

    ~They do lower their thermostats to 68 in the winter but only when they are not home, and raise it to 74 in the summer, again when they are not home or while on their many vacations. Or, they install one of those smart meters that their electric company swears will save THEM money, unaware that the money saving will be for the company and a way to forcibly roll out the brown-outs.

    ~They’ve bought in to the electric car fad, spending $50,000 on a car, and $10,000 on the in-home charger, only later realizing that they work farther than 40 miles. But they comfort themselves that for part of that trip, they are using the car’s battery. A few years later they trade the car in for one with more passenger room (kids and all), not realizing that they’ve just lost a HUGE chunk of investment and now they have a high-voltage killing device in their garage that has no purpose.

    ~They join the soccer-mom lifestyle. They do so out of love FOR THEIR CHILD. While telling themselves that other parents hate their children for driving so much from event to event – polluting the planet for generations. But their driving is out of love and a desire to see their kids happiness.

    ~They’ve cut back on their tv watching by cutting back on their cable-tv package. Now, instead of 500 channels, they have just 400. But, they still like those music channels now and then. THat’s important.

    ~They started a garden in their backyard. But were arrested later on for protesting against such rule failing to realize that the progressive candidate they voted in to city office last year passed an ordinance banning all vegetable gardens in order to help fund local farmers, and to keep people from eating unchecked food.

    ~They installed the curly-q bulbs in their home in order to be earth conscious. But then had to spend $75,000 on hospital bills when their only child turned out to be allergic to mercury gas, after the bulb broke while the kid was playing in his room and knocked his lamp off the nightstand.

    ~They replaced all their bulbs with the curly-q bulbs, but found that now their home was too dark. So they bought more lamps. They now have 5 lamps in the living room alone. For some reason, their electric rates did not go down.

    ~They put a curly-q bulb in their oven. It exploded from the heat. They were oblivious\ignorant\stupid of the facts of what is in a curly-q bulb. They died after going ahead and eating the meal that they had prepared in their oven despite the fact the bulb blew up. Doctors later identified the cause as mercury poisoning.

  6. And then they catch diseases from those cloth bags

    Bottle water is Bad for climate change (made of plastic)

    That last one is hilarious, and I can see a liberal doing that.

  7. See_My_Gumballs_They_Be_Rollin says:

    Dont try and push your reality upon their belief system. They were told that their lifestyle was going to save the planet from us humans and by-GAIA they are gonna do it.

    (Yeah, it only means that they are Darwin Award candidates)

  8. Trish Mac says:

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