NY Times: Climate Models Have Problems

The hell you say! This is the NY Times discussing the (bat guano crazy) report of the next tipping point (which I mentioned yesterday)

The research comes with caveats. It is based on climate models, huge computer programs that attempt to reproduce the physics of the climate system and forecast the future response to greenhouse gases. Though they are the best tools available, these models contain acknowledged problems, and no one is sure how accurate they will prove to be at peering many decades ahead.

This comes via Donna Laframboise, who calls this the quote of the year, and notes

If every news story written about climate change since the 1980s had contained that single paragraph, we’d have made smarter decisions over the past quarter century. We’d have had billions more dollars available to spend on sensible measures – such as saving the hundreds of thousands of African kids who still perish annually from malaria.

She also provides this handy dandy warning label, which should be slapped on every Warmist article, just like with packs of cigarettes

That part about peering ahead is also pretty darned important, because the vast majority of models failed to predict the current “pause”, and are unable to correlate with past climate. Most of the prognostications fail. Remember how were were supposed to have more and bigger hurricanes? And the Arctic was to be ice free this year? And snow would be a thing of the past?

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  1. Zachriel says:

    “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” — George E. P. Box

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