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Say, Remember When We Bombed Libya To Protect Oil For France And Britain?

How’s that working out? (via Ed Morrissey) (UK Independent) Libya has almost entirely stopped producing oil as the government loses control of much of the country to militia fighters. Mutinying security men have taken over oil ports on the Mediterranean and are seeking to sell crude oil on the black market. Ali Zeidan, Libya’s Prime […]

If All You See…

…are evil meat filled sandwiches and a CO2 infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Director Blue, with a post on Obama’s checklist for Syria.

Hooray! Obama Says His Red Line Is World’s Red Line

I’m not sure if the word “shameless” is strong enough. SCOAMF might work (CNN) President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the red line he outlined last year regarding Syria’s use of chemical weapons came from international treaties and past congressional action, and now it is time for the international community to make good on its […]

Warmists Now Claim “Climate Change” Will Steer Big Hurricanes Away From East Coast

In terms of landfalling hurricanes, this seems to be what’s happening. It’s been over 7 years and 10 months since a major hurricane (category 3+) hit the United States. There has only been one barely a hurricane strike since 2008. Superstorm Sandy was not a hurricane at time of landfall. Hurricanes and tropical systems seem […]

Thinking Out Loud, John Kerry Won’t Rule Out Ground Troops

Remember the days when John Kerry said that Iraq was the wrong war in the wrong place in the wrong time? When he and other Democrats, including President McBombypants, were constantly assaulting Operation Iraqi Freedom, which freed 50 million people from a brutal, murderous, torturous, rapist, limb cutting off, chemical weapons using regime which saw, […]

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