If All You See…

…are evil meat filled sandwiches and a CO2 infused beer, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Director Blue, with a post on Obama’s checklist for Syria.

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2 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. JGlanton says:

    I can not tell a lie. All is see is boobs and a pretty face. Sorry. Here she is again, Ashley Sky fending off the fury of the ocean as it rises 6 meters by 2100 because of the sins of mankind right-wingers.

    Disclaimer: The sea might rise 4.4 inches by 2100 if you go by the measured rate of 1.3mm rather than the simulations of conjurers with computers.


  2. Wonderful_Gumballs says:

    She looks lost JG. Might help her find her way back to land bud.

    I was gonna say, I’ve never had a girl that happy over my hamburgers. But, if she was, she’s a keeper.

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