Hey, Remember When Obama Was Going To Spend Every Minute On The Economy?

That was I’m the far off time of yesterday morning. Cool story, bro!

Via Twitchy.

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4 Responses to “Hey, Remember When Obama Was Going To Spend Every Minute On The Economy?”

  1. Dear Leader says a lot of things

  2. Corrupted_Gumballs says:

    Didnt you propose that he would do just such a thing? I figured as much as well. This man is all mouth and no brains, no intelligence, no loyalty, no thought that is his own, and no honor.

    This pissant believes his lies carry as much weight as words from our creator. Many of his acolytes believe him to be the messiah after all. The worship him saying he can do no wrong while walking over the dead bodies left in his wake – much like the worship of muhammed.

    When the enemies of your religion and your country all approve of your nation’s political leader, and that leader spends his entire capital attacking your very religion, then don’t you think you’ve invited the enemy into your midst?

    We’ve lost my friends.

  3. Well, I figured he’d at least wait till August to blow the pivot off.

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