Grist: Everyone Should Stay Single Because It’s “Sustainable”

I actually think this is a fantastic idea for Warmists, which should be coupled with staying childless, so that we can ensure that their stupid genes aren’t passed on to future generations

(Grist) Good news, single people: Living alone not only gives you the freedom to vacuum in your underwear and leave crusty dishes in the sink; it also has a societal benefit. As a so-called “singleton” or “solo” (barf), you’re helping make your city more sustainable.

That’s what Devajyoti Deka of Rutgers’ Alan M. Vorhees Transportation Center argues. In a study called “The Living, Moving and Travel Behaviour of the Growing American Solo,” Deka found that people who live alone — about 28 percent of U.S. households, a threefold increase since 1950 — also live more sustainably, dwelling in apartments instead of single-family homes, commuting shorter distances to work, and owning and using cars at lower rates than couples and families. And solo dwellers tend to prefer living in cities.

A Grist commenter calls this bunk, and goes on to note that kids are what makes households unsustainable. So, all you Warmists? Have no children. Please. Remember, Warmists call children “little carbon footprints”.

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5 Responses to “Grist: Everyone Should Stay Single Because It’s “Sustainable””

  1. Corrupted_White_Cracka_Gumballs says:

    That’s what Devajyoti Deka of Rutgers’ Alan M. Vorhees Transportation Center argues

    uhhhh.. what?

  2. john says:

    So Teach I hope that this extreme position will not prevent you from having a great marriage.

  3. Corrupted_White_Cracka_Gumballs says:

    So john, you believe that everyone should follow what people on the extreme side of beliefs espouse?

    So John, I hope that Obama’s extreme views on limited freedoms wont prevent you from continuing to be a basement misogynist pervert.

  4. Dana says:

    Surely they made an exception for homosexual marriage, which does not produce additional, little carbon footprints, or they’d be h8ters!

  5. Earthling says:

    Well I managed to learn a valuable lesson after my first marriage ended, 2 brats later in 1971.
    I hooked up with my current wife and we’ve been happily childless since then, able to quit work in 1988 to simply enjoy living.
    My lovely lady has two sisters, both of them divorced and childless.

    I was born when cannon fodder seemed like it was still required, it no longer is.

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