CO2 Making Deserts Bloom, And That’s Apparently A “Bad Thing”

Warmists could find and focus on the negatives of finding a huge gold deposit in their back yards

(Treehugger) One hypothesis about the effect of increasing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now has significant supporting scientific evidence.

Scientists speculated that a “CO2 fertilization effect” would occur as CO2 levels rose. The fertilization effect proposes that additional CO2 in the air allows leaves to extract more carbon during photosynthesis at less water cost to the plant. (snip. I’m leaving out some relevant info, because I’m old school and refuse to excerpt most of the article. Make sure you read the whole thing)

Scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU) have untangled these confounding influences with the help of mathematical models and satellite imagery of the earth’s arid regions. They found that an 11 percent average increase in foliage between 1982 and 2010 can be attributed to a CO2 fertilization effect.

Well, that sounds like good news, right? Deserts having more plants should be a Good Thing, right? Alas, not for Warmists

How will blooming deserts affect our planet? Lead scientist Dr. Randall Donohue observes:

On the face of it, elevated CO2 boosting the foliage in dry country is good news and could assist forestry and agriculture in such areas; however there will be secondary effects that are likely to influence water availability, the carbon cycle, fire regimes and biodiversity, for example.

God, but these are depressing people. But, um, wouldn’t more plant life be good for the “carbon cycle”, sucking more of that EVIL CO2 out of the atmosphere? Wouldn’t more plantlife be good for biodiversity, providing more food, shelter, the ability to capture dew which gives life more water, etc? According to Warmists, more plants are now Bad.

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2 Responses to “CO2 Making Deserts Bloom, And That’s Apparently A “Bad Thing””

  1. pinroot says:

    In the minds of these people, every silver lining has a cloud. That sums them up pretty well for me.

  2. Dana says:

    And what do plants “inhaling” CO2 “exhale?” Why, it’s oxygen! Isn’t that what we want to happen?

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