Paper: No Significant Change In Storminess Since 1900

Wait, what? Climahysterics tell us that weather has gotten weirder, that storms are so much super duper worse…um, no

(The Hockey Schtick) A new paper published in Nature Climate Change finds no evidence that the frequency of U.S.  ‘extreme weather events’ has changed over the last century. “Using hourly precipitation records from thirteen sites, this study finds no evidence for significant changes in mean ‘storminess’ across the United States” since 1900. The paper debunks claims by climate alarmists including Obama that ‘climate change’ is increasing storms or extreme weather.

Capsule summary of the paper published in the Table of Contents, Nature Climate Change, June 2013:

Trends in hourly rainfall statistics in the United States under a warming climate

Has the frequency of ‘extreme weather events’ changed with climate warming over the last century? Using hourly precipitation records from thirteen sites, this study finds no evidence for significant changes in mean ‘storminess’ across the United States.

Let’s just be clear: the Earth is in a warm period. I will argue with anyone who says otherwise. This is simply part of the pattern that has been going on since the end of the last glacial period, and particularly over the last 7K-8K years. Warm, cool, warm, cool. Some of these periods, lasting hundreds of years, are deeper than others. Right now, this warm period is mild, compared to the others. But, there is a need for papers like this one in order to rebut the unhinged insanity from Warmists, who now blame every weather event (including cold and snow) on man-induced climate change. Since there has not been any statistically significant warming in at least 15 years (and, really, is a 0.28F increase since 1990 significant? No.) Warmists have to find other ways to keep the cult going. Hence their current focus on weather events. Alas, too bad, not increasing.

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2 Responses to “Paper: No Significant Change In Storminess Since 1900”

  1. john says:

    Gee better tell that to the midwest farmers they think they are in the midst of a record long term drought or maybe tell it to the soutrhwest which is burning up

  2. Gumballed_Brains says:

    Shut up john.

    Question: How did they find HOURLY rain measurements from 13 sites … dating back to 1900??

    Anyone else find that odd??

    From what I know, at best, we’ve had daily temp and weather type records from then. But it wasn’t until the late mid-20th century that we got digital readers installed.

    I haven’t read it, so I’m going off the blurb Teach posted.

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