Gore Says Obama Needs To Get Serious On Dealing With Hotcoldwetdry

Alternate headline: Man with massive “carbon footprint” and lots of money at stake says other man with largest “carbon footprint” in the world needs to Do Something about no statistically significant warming in 15+ years

(Politico) Add Al Gore to the chorus of environmentalists who say it’s time for President Barack Obama to get serious about climate change.

The former vice president used a Google+ plus video chat Tuesday to tell supporters that Obama needs to go beyond his “great words” on the topic, and to lament that the president has yet to assemble a team to spearhead his second-term climate agenda.

Gore echoed the complaints of other green activists who say Obama isn’t moving fast enough — and who are pleading with him not to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada.

“I hope that he’ll get moving on to follow up on the wonderful pledges he made in his inaugural speech earlier this year and then soon after in his State of the Union,” Gore said. “Great words. We need great actions now.”

Gore has quite a bit of money at stake, and really doesn’t care if Americans are left as energy poor. The Warmists have made the Keystone XL pipeline their cause celebre, preferring to see all the tar sands oil go to China instead of the United States.

“You know, really, if he’s serious about it he needs to get a team in place and he needs to present a plan, he needs to use the bully pulpit, he needs to be a vigorous advocate,” Gore said.

Or, instead, Obama (and Gore) could practice what they preach and reduce their own “carbon footprints” in accordance with the talking points. Strange how they never practice what they preach.

He also whined that actual scientists won’t let unhinged Warmists link tornadoes to “climate change”. Probably because tornadoes have happened long before CO2 was at 350ppm, and while 2011 was a busy season, 2012 was not….of course, Warmists blame both on “climate change”. And then scientific data jumps into the debate

You can see the larger version here. It comes from the NOAA. And seems to show that large tornado activity is worse during cooling periods, which would be the 40’s (the chart starts in 1954, of course) through the late 1970’s, then when it got warmer, that activity dropped off. Interesting that there have been several monstrous tornadoes this spring, what with it being a cool spring, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. john says:

    NOAA also says teh planet is getting hotter and that 2010 was tied for 1st as the hottest year ever.

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