North Carolina Looks To Do Away With Gun Permits

And change a whole raft of other regulations regarding handguns

(Raleigh N&O) A major gun-rights bill took an unexpected turn Tuesday with a proposal to eliminate the law that requires people receive a permit from their county sheriff before they can buy a handgun.

The bill, approved in a Senate Judiciary committee, still requires a permit to carry concealed handguns but expands the places that those weapons can be taken: all educational property, not just public colleges and universities as an earlier version proposed; private schools, unless they prohibit weapons; parades and funeral processions, unless they’re expressly prohibited. Cities and counties would not be allowed to ban firearms on greenways but could continue to do so on athletic fields.

This would not do away with the background check requirement, which is a federal requirement, nor the 7 day waiting period.

The greenways part is interesting. Raleigh has a huge amount of these, and some, like the Neuse River greenway (which runs behind mi casa) can be very isolated. Would I carry? Don’t have a concealed carry permit. But, I believe I’m allowed open carry.

That said, NC AG Roy Cooper is against doing away with the pistol permits, as is the NC Sheriff’s Association. I’m torn: on one hand, I can see the point that the permits have been approved in an inconsistent manner, and some do not want the government to know their business. On the other hand, it’s better to leave the permitting procedures to the Sheriff’s offices, rather than the gun stores, making the gun stores do more work. Some states, though, have no problem with doing away with the permits.

The law also would strengthen penalties against some gun crimes, expedites mental health data to the federal database, and makes confidential all concealed carry permit data.

The N&O does mention that the legislation would do away with all backround checks for private sales, “such as at gun shows”. They fail to mention that licensed dealers would still have to do checks, just as federal law requires. Liberals love spreading misinformation on this issue.

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3 Responses to “North Carolina Looks To Do Away With Gun Permits”

  1. john says:

    do you carry at all timers Teach? if not why not ? Like the warmosts you gotta walk the walk if you talk the talk. If your employer refused to alow guns in the workplace would you quit ?

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Like the warmosts you gotta walk the walk if you talk the talk.

    The difference is that conservatives want the individual to make the decision on how to run their lives.

    Liberals, (including warmists) want other people to do what they will not.

    In short, conservatives believe in freedom while liberals believe in oppression and lack of freedom (except for them, of course.)

  3. First, John, I own 2 handguns, so I’ve walked the talk.

    2nd, no, I don’t open carry because the laws are too confusing as to wear one can andn’t. Plus, I drive near way too many schools near where I work, live, and shop for groceries. Its difficult in a city. I follow the law.

    3rd, it’s MY choice to not carry or carry. No one is forcing me. Nor do I attempt to force others

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