John Kerry: Hotcoldwetdry Science Is “Screaming At Us”

Though I reckon it’s screaming “you’re a moron and a hypocrite. We’ve seen a .08C (.14F) increase in global temperature from 1997 and .16C (.28F) increase since 1990. Oh, and you take lots of fossil fueled flights, own multiple high “carbon footprint” homes, and won lots of fossil fueled vehicles. The science is screaming that it is mostly or solely natural”

(Washington Times) U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry vowed during Earth Day remarks to deal with climate change, one of the world’s foremost “clear and present danger[s].”

He also said, in honor of Monday’s Earth Day message: “The science is screaming at all of us and demands action. From the far reaches of Antarctica’s Ross Sea to tropical wetlands in Southeast Asia, we have a responsibility to safeguard and sustainably manage our plant’s natural resources, and the United States remains firm in its commitment to addressing global environmental challenges.”

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2 Responses to “John Kerry: Hotcoldwetdry Science Is “Screaming At Us””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    So, we are to fix the whole global “we gotta fever” problem that the whole globe has caused for the sake of doing something, BUT we can’t protect South Korea and the Western Pacific nations from the terror-regime of N. Korea? Or Iran?

  2. Well, see, those are “now problems”. We can’t fix them. We have to deal with things that are supposedly going to happen in 50-100 years.

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