Washington Looks Towards Making Abortion An Insurance Requirement

Once again, we can see where the priorities of Democrats lie, with abortion on demand being one of their top sacraments

(The Blaze) With 21 states having adopted bans or severe restrictions on insurance companies from paying for abortions, Washington is alone in seriously considering legislation mandating the opposite.

The Reproductive Parity Act, as supporters call it, would require insurers in Washington state who cover maternity care – which all insurers must do – to also pay for abortions.

The bill passed the state House earlier this month by a vote of 53-43, though it faces an uncertain future in the Senate. (A similar bill in the New York state Assembly has been introduced each session for over a decade but has never received a public hearing.)

“This is a core value for Washingtonians,” said Melanie Smith, a lobbyist for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. “We should protect it while we still have it and not leave access to basic health care up to an insurance company.”

Got that? Aborting a baby is considered “basic health care”. If you’ve read my posts for any length of time, you know I rarely ever touch upon the abortion debate, but this is sick. Deranged. People like Smith are exactly the type of people for whom a gun permit should be denied due to mental health concerns. Anyone who thinks that abortion is a basic health concern, and that Someone Else should pay for it because the person is too irresponsible in their sexual liaisons, is crazy.

Now, it should be pointed out that, according to the article, that all major insurance carriers offer abortion in their plans, though few actually use their insurance to get an abortion. However, there are lots of smaller plans which some companies and religious institutions use because their consciences are against the killing of the unborn. They will certainly be forced to carry the coverage, which violates the 1st Amendment, as well as Section 11 of the Washington Constitution.

(Mr. Runner in the story comments) So, the strategy is to kill your future state population, while at the same time making it less attractive for companies to do business in your state by increasing their insurance costs. Sounds like a wonderful strategy (if you are a brain-dead liberal sheep).

Interestingly, it also seems that liberal men are more vocal about pushing abortion than liberal women. I wonder why?

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10 Responses to “Washington Looks Towards Making Abortion An Insurance Requirement”

  1. john says:

    Abortion is against Sharia Law.When abortion is outlawed the terrorists win.
    Teach a woman has the absolute right to control what happens inside her own body.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Abortion is against moral law john and at one point in time was against English law.

    Your suppory of abortion fits the liberal position of being death mongers and controling others (the child’s) life.

    Like it ir not john, the child is anither life that you want dead.

  3. Yet that is not what we’re debating, John. We’re debating whether The Government has the authority to force companies and insurance agencies to pay for abortions.

    But, hey, if a woman wants to shoot themselves in the head, do they have that right, John?

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    So now john hates babies too? Let me guess john, if it’s a girl baby, then you’d make abortion mandatory?

    This stuff is sick..sickness beyond words. But, again shows that the socialist dem party is not for protecting life.

    But it is odd, while they are demanding the right to kill innocent life, they also demand that death penalty should be done away with for criminals. And, then they draw out the process for decades. Yet, simple regulations to draw out the abortion process is fought against as an undue burden.

  5. And let’s not forget that Liberals support NAMBLA and typically want to go easy on child molesters with sentencing.

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    There was an area near where I live that was run by a religious organization that helped house people who have been shunned by society – such as those declared to be pedophiles. The state forced them to shut down…. some of the people received welfare. The organization used those funds to help run the place. It was all voluntary and even the mobile housing was donated. But no, ninnies can’t let good be done.

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