Warmists At UK Guardian Really Upset About Climate Realist Blogs Included In Weblog Awards

Warmists, being mostly fascists, really hate the idea of opposing viewpoints being out in the public domain, and possibly winning awards

Climate sceptics ‘capture’ the Bloggies’ science category

Ever since 2001, blogs have had their own opportunity to have their moment in the spotlight and chance to bath in adulation. The Weblog Awards – or “Bloggies”, as they’re more affectionately known – start receiving nominations online each January before the organisers announce the shortlists for each category in February.

As with any online voting system, there is always scope for “gaming” the system – as well as a motivation among interest groups to do so. But, despite a glitch in 2003, the Bloggies have largely managed to avoid such controversy.

However, over the past couple of years there has been growing concern about the reliability of the “Science or Technology” category, which was first created in 2011. (Before then, it was known as “Computer and Technology”.) Is it, some ask, being gamed by climate sceptics?

Or, it could be that they’re just more popular. People like getting real information, instead of the mule fritters provided by Warmists. The Bloggies founder, Nikolai Nolan, isn’t happy about this, either

Unfortunately, I have no good solution for it, since they follow proper voting procedures and legitimate science blogs don’t want to make an effort to compete.

Got that? Bloggers who provide actual science and facts and data aren’t “legitimate”. If Warmists could shut them down, they would. We all know that the political left does not like free speech for their opponents.

Of the 17 blogs longlisted in the science or technology category, 13 (by my reckoning – italicised) were either run by climate sceptics, or popular with climate sceptics. (The situation wasn’t quite as stark in the politics category, but the weighting towards climate sceptic blogs – or blogs that are, let’s say, ideologically supportive – was still clear to see.)

And, unsurprisingly, the author, Climate Astrologer Leo Hickman, has never heard of most of the blogs. Perhaps he should expand his horizons.

Here are the science and tech blogs





The ones in italic are the “skeptic” blogs. There are many more which could be added to that list, especially Tom Nelson, who does more with headlines than most do with articles (though, admittedly, a lot is “inside baseball”, where if you’re not familiar with the issue, you won’t get it) and provides linkage to match Instapundit.

And, yeah, the lefties commenting at the Guardian aren’t happy, either.

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One Response to “Warmists At UK Guardian Really Upset About Climate Realist Blogs Included In Weblog Awards”

  1. ” … Climate Astrologer Leo Hickman, has never heard of most of the blogs …”

    Leo Hickman inadvertently indicts the IPCC / Al Gore side. That bunch consistenely bashes skeptics as ignorant and non-scientific, yet most skeptics can recite names and science positions of numerous folks on the other side, while folks like Hickman probably cannot do the same about the skeptic side if their lives depended on it.

    It’s hard to be more ironic, when folks claim to be science-based while knocking themselves out to ignore and erase from public view the entire skeptic side of the issue.

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