Oops: PINO Obama States Sequestration Is Not The Apocalypse

Yeah, remember the doom and gloom from (NMP) Obama? From his silly press conference yesterday

(NBC News) “This is not going to be an apocalypse, I think as some people have said. It’s just dumb. And it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt individual people, and it’s going to hurt the economy overall,” he concluded.

This was during his jedi mindmeld and “I’m not a crook, er, dictator” PC, which everyone focused on. Of course, he’s turned right around and said we’re doooooooooomed during his weekly address and did his typical blamestorming as leader of the Democrat party and PINO (POTUS In Name Only)

(The Hill) In his weekly address on Saturday, Obama said the $85 billion sequester went into effect late Friday because congressional Republicans refused to compromise.

It’s rather hard to compromise when your opponent is constantly demonizing and insulting you. It’s even harder to compromise when Obama can’t be bothered to actually have discussions with Republicans. Heck, he barely discussed it with Democrat Congressional leaders.

Obama called the spending cuts unnecessary, adding that they are only happening because “Republicans in Congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit.”

Still, he argued, there is a “caucus of common sense.”

“And I’m going to keep reaching out to them to fix this for good.”

Meaning he’s going to continue his Blamestorming leg of his Neverending Campaign.

The rest of the weekly address is just what you’d expect: blame, castigation, “fairness”, “excess spending in our tax code”, but never mentions actually reducing the amount Los Federales spend (I was unable to use the official White House transcript, as the page comes up with 404 not found error, much like Obama’s leadership and actual plan)

(WPTV) We all agree that it’s critical to cut unnecessary spending. But we can’t just cut our way to prosperity. It hasn’t worked in the past, and it won’t work today. It could slow down our recovery. It could weaken our economy. And it could cost us jobs – now, and in the future.

We sure haven’t been able to spend our way to prosperity. And cutting and balancing sure worked during the 1990’s. Perhaps he could mention what is “unnecessary”? We should start with everything that is considered “non-essential” during a government shutdown. How about ditching the $325,000 robotic squirrel and and $445,000 for a climate change musical that was considered (shocker) boring?

Here’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers with the GOP response

(CNN) Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican from Washington state, countered, “This week, the president traveled 180 miles to Newport News, Virginia, instead of traveling one and a half miles to Senator Harry Reid’s office on Capitol Hill to negotiate a replacement of smarter spending cuts.” (snip)

“We can’t let Washington continue spending money it doesn’t have, especially when it’s taking that money straight from your wallets,” McMorris Rodgers said. “The problem here isn’t a lack of taxes. … Spending is the problem, which means cutting spending is the solution. It’s that simple.”

But, that’s what the Blamestormer-in-chief wants, unlimited spending power to remake America, and damned the future generations.

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4 Responses to “Oops: PINO Obama States Sequestration Is Not The Apocalypse”

  1. john says:

    Most Americans support the POTUS just look at the polls. Most Americans blame the Republicans, just look at the polls. If you don’t want to look at the polls look at the last election.

    • Conservative Beaner says:


      It is easy to have great polls when the media is in the tank for you. The compliant media blames all of the Americans problems on the GOP. Add to the fact the president is buying up votes and support with taxpayer money and it is easy to understand why he is so popular.

      As for the election, the media spread the phony war on women. GOP is against gay marraige although so was Obama until he needed their support and money. Finally labeling the GOP as anti-immigrant when the GOP is just against illegal immigrants.

      The emperor still has no cloths, you and most of parasites in this country refuse to see it.

  2. Brian says:

    Comment by john
    2013-03-02 09:55:45
    Most Americans support the POTUS just look at the polls. Most Americans blame the Republicans, just look at the polls. If you don’t want to look at the polls look at the last election.

    Um, To expand on your points, John, most Americans also suffer from a severe mental illness which is indigenous to retards.

    Does that put John’s points in their proper perspective?

    In other words, because they agree with you, doesn’t mean that you’re right. It just means that they are as crazy and as stupid as you are.

    (That would apply here whenever this site’s resident Beavis and Butthead gang up on you, comprende?)

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Now is the time for the R party to start putting up budget cutting bills.

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