Crazy Juan Cole: Coal Should Be Criminalized

I’m sure all Warmists will now refuse to use any power that comes from coal, right? (via Tom Nelson)

(Informed Consent) Muller’s study analyzed all the weather data available since 1750 and found that the average temperature of the earth increase by 1 percent from 1750 to 1850, and has increased another 1.5 percent since 1850, for a total of 2.5 percent since the beginnings of the industrial revolution.

That sounds evil and “we’re doooooomed”, eh? What Muller stated was that there was a whopping 1.5 degree Celsius rise since 1750. That’s 2.5 Fahrenheit. During a typical warm period, said period coming right on time during the cycle. Yawn.

…If we go on the way we have been, spewing ever more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we will produce a tropical planet with no ice on it and will forestall any further ice ages for at least 100,000 years. Since there are places humans now live, such as cities in Sindh, Pakistan, that already reach over 130 degrees F. in the summer, likely the planet we are creating will have large swathes of uninhabitable scorching places on it. Climate change will involve extreme weather events like massive storms, and these in turn may damage the ozone layer, sunburning us all to death.

A tropical planet like during most of the history of the earth? Nothing too unhinged and overwrought in that, eh?

One obvious lesson of Muller’s study is that coal should be banned immediately and its manufacture and distribution should be criminalized…This task has to be our number one priority, more important than fighting a small terrorist organization in distant lands, more important than spending 20 times on the war industries what our closest ally does, more important that imprisoning people for a few tokes, more important than tax breaks for the wealthy, more important than reproductive issues…

And there you go. I expect all Warmists who cite and read Juan Cole to immediately determine if they are the recipients of power from coal fired plants and STOP! Whether it be home, the office, when traveling. No, carbon offsets do not cut it, they aren’t acceptable. Heck, any Warmist who uses coal fired power should immediately go to the nearest police station and turn themselves in.

It’s not like we get 40% of our power from coal (again, I’m not a big fan of coal, but, until it can be replaced at the same price, no, do not get rid of it) and doing this would create major problems. And surely Lefties would be the ones whining the most when the rolling brownouts and blackouts hit.

Oh, and then there is this from the settled science

(UK Dailymail) A tiny particle one thirtieth the width of a human hair could be driving pollution and climate change, researchers say.

Harvard University scientists studied atmospheric particles, a highly lethal air pollutant which appears everywhere in the atmosphere, but is more common above cities.

The tiny particles play a key role in air pollution and climate change by providing a surface for chemical reactions and reflecting and absorbing radiation.

I’ll be interested to see which particle is being discussed once the study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Is it natural? Man-made? It’s not CO2, else they would have mentioned it.

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5 Responses to “Crazy Juan Cole: Coal Should Be Criminalized”

  1. Lightwave says:

    I’d like to see Juan Cole read this post out loud on the steps of the courthouses of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio’s poorest counties along the spine of the Appalachians, where unemployment is 2-3 times the national average…and that’s WITH the coal mines. Coal mines that I might add that continue to employ people while solar and wind companies fail every year because coal and natural gas plants are far less expensive to produce power per megawatt.

    The upshot of criminalizing coal is multiplying your power bill by a factor of 3, 5, maybe 10, which would immediately drive the US into instant depression, economic chaos, power shortages rivaling Afghanistan or India, and riots across the country.

    But sure, global warming is the problem.

  2. john says:

    Actually wind power jobs ALONE passed the 83,000 coal mining jobs back in 2008. Solar power is getting cheaper each year everyone knows that. US solar companies have been failing because of the competiont from China which heavily subsidizes that industry. Germany and Switzerland know what the future is and it is in renewables.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Germany and Switzerland know what the future is and it is in renewables.

    Right john. That is why Germany announced it is re-examining its decision to close nuclear plants because of the lack of performance in “renewables.” (“Renewable,” of course, is a misleading term, but that never stopped people like john from using it.)

    I am curious as to why you have stopped touting Spain, john. They were your big “look at this country” for a long time. Could it be because Spain’s plan failed?

    And as for the 83,000 jobs, please don’t make me laugh. There is a difference between jobs that can sustain themselves because of the product they sell, and jobs that cannot.

    Solar panels and wind turbines remain pie in the sky ideas for now.

  4. Dana says:

    Coal’s “manufacture and distribution should be criminalized?” Coal is a manufactured product? Who knew!

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yeah, I caught that too Dana.

    I’m wondering why criminalize something that can just be mandated to not be used? Is he suggesting that there will be a black market for cheap sources of energy once coal is made illegal to use? That people will do anything to put power back on to their parent’s breathing machines? Or dialysis machines? Guess those are not as important at night as “dark zones” are.

    Yeah, and yet everyone seems to ignore the WATTS 2012 study that shows that Muller’s study was flawed because it was using corrupted data.

    And, besides.. since when is a 1.5C rise over 200 years a bid deal? I’m sorry. But I’d much rather have habitable land that can be farmed than a field of ice that is frozen solid.

    And, as amazing as it sounds, man does have legs. Man has also been known to migrate before. Shocking revelation, i know.

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