Claire McCaskill Latest Democrat To Skip Dem National Convention

Obviously, this can’t anything whatsoever to do with wanting to distance herself from Barack Obama? Right?

(ABC News) Sen. Claire McCaskill, vulnerable in her reelection bid, reportedly joined a growing faction of Democrats begging off this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

The Missouri senator made the decision Tuesday to skip the national convention, which takes place Sept. 3-6, Pema Levy first reported for Talking Points Memo. The convention is where President Barack Obama will formally receive his party’s nomination.

“In years when Claire is on the ballot, she has historically not gone to the convention,” an anonymous aide told the news outlet, “because she believes it’s important to stay in Missouri to talk to voters.” Her campaign highlighted McCaskill’s decision to skip the 2004 national convention.

Of course, of course, nothing to do with needing to distance herself from a far left and incompetent boob.

All in all, this makes 9 Democrats who have found “something better” to do than attend the DNC which happens just once every 4 years. And we’re only near the end of June. How many will suddenly find that they have “something better” to do or some other excuse between the dates of September 3-6?

Nice Deb on McCaskill bailing: It’s interesting that Juan would characterize McCaskill as a “conservative” Democrat when her voting record is anything but.

Sister Toldjah covers Clear Out Claire, as well as the DNC abandoning the use of Charlotte Motor Speedway: Sooo, they’d rather connect with their supporters in the mainstream media who will give them glowing press both state and nationwide rather than “the 99%” who live in the Concord area.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Allahpundit explains that Claire isn’t just some Dem, but a person who jumped on the Obama bandwagon.

Ed Driscoll calls it a “convention clusterfark.”

Sadly, Democrats are working hard to make my home state look bad….perhaps they should simply go hold the convention in France.

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