Research Shows Antarctica Was 20 Degrees F Warmer In Past

Obviously, this means we’re all doooooooomed!

(Science Daily) A new university-led study with NASA participation finds ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter than previously suspected. The climate was suitable to support substantial vegetation — including stunted trees — along the edges of the frozen continent.

By examining plant leaf wax remnants in sediment core samples taken from beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, the research team found summer temperatures along the Antarctic coast 15 to 20 million years ago were 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius) warmer than today, with temperatures reaching as high as 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). Precipitation levels also were found to be several times higher than today.

Here we go

“The ultimate goal of the study was to better understand what the future of climate change may look like,” said Feakins, an assistant professor of Earth sciences at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. “Just as history has a lot to teach us about the future, so does past climate. This record shows us how much warmer and wetter it can get around the Antarctic ice sheet as the climate system heats up. This is some of the first evidence of just how much warmer it was.”

So, obviously their conclusion is that all those animals driving SUVs, taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights, charging their smartphones, and using ice makers in their refrigerators warmed the climate up too much, so, we Mankind should live like the dinosaurs did. Wait, it was warmer then, too.

Warm conditions during the middle Miocene are thought to be associated with carbon dioxide levels of around 400 to 600 parts per million (ppm). In 2012, carbon dioxide levels have climbed to 393 ppm, the highest they’ve been in the past several million years. At the current rate of increase, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are on track to reach middle Miocene levels by the end of this century.

Thought to be? So, they’re guessing? There’s only one problem: most of Antarctica has been cooling over the last 30 years, despite rising CO2 levels. But, Warmists have looked into their crystal balls and read their tea leaves and determined that it could possibly maybe might happen…..BTW, how did the researchers get to Antarctica?

Suyts Space comments on similar data

Now, they’ve done their level best to get people to quit looking at this stuff!!! It’s quite fascinating. Invariably, if one gets into a discussion with an alarmist about this, they simply call “no counts” and blithely go on blathering about CO2. Adding validity to the graph above, it’s been noted that the Late Miocene period, (~ 12-5 million years ago) the CO2 levels were near what they are today(actually a bit lower according to some new deep-sea sediment cores), but the temps were much warmer. (9–14 degrees Fahrenheit).

What is being discussed is how now the Warmists are trying to decouple CO2 from warming and blame hotcoldwetdry on CO2 when it props up their argument. Make sure to read the whole thing for effect.

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5 Responses to “Research Shows Antarctica Was 20 Degrees F Warmer In Past”

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  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    AGW Proponents: “Yes, it has been warmer, drier, hotter, wetter, floodier, lava-ier, in the past, but that has nothing to do with the C02 of today and its direct and sole control over global temperature”

  3. They’ll do and say anything to prop up their dying cult. Well, except practice what they preach.

  4. Trish says:

    I’d say the science is OUT!

  5. Warmist science revolves around the phrase “because we say so.”

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