MWP And LIA Both Show Up South Of The Equator

One of the talking points for Warmists has been that both the Medieval Warm Period a the Little Ice Age were limited to the Northern hemisphere, and some even go so far as to say they were primarily limited to the European region. There are many reasons they push this, mostly to position those changes as only occurring in the “first world”, without mentioning that there wasn’t any manufacturing or use of fossil fueled vehicles back in the 1100’s. Global Warming had this to say in a similar article regarding research that shows the effects of the MWP and LIA in Antarctica

This is a hotly debated question, because it is harder to make the case that the warmth of recent decades is “unusual,” ”extraordinary,” or “unprecedented” and therefore something to stress about if global climate oscillates naturally between warming and cooling periods. The catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) crowd tend to write off the MWP (~1000-1200 A.D.) and LIA (~1300-1850 A.D.) as regional phenomena, largely confined to Northern Europe. A new study finds evidence of the MWP and LIA in a region 10,000 miles south of Northern Europe: the Antarctic Peninsula.

There have been lots of studies coming out this year showing that both were global. Here’s another

(No Tricks Zone) Based on data from a few carefully selected tree rings, dogmatic warmist scientists like to insist that the Medieval Warm Period really did not exist globally and was only a local North Atlantic phenomenon.

The climate, they tell us, was pretty much steady over the last couple thousand years – until man began to prosper a hundred years ago.

However, yet another new study, one by Michael Shawn Fletcher and Patricio Iván Moreno, has been published and adds more to the growing mountain of evidence that the Medieval Warm Period was indeed a global phenomenon. This in turn means that natural climate drivers are dominating the development of the climate, and not CO2.

Another Warmist talking point bites the dust.

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