Montana’s Democrat Gov Whines About Money In Politics

Of course, Montana governor Brian Schweitzer is only concerned with one type of money, namely from those Evil corporations because if that “infamous Citizens United” ruling

(NY Times) In the absence of strict rules governing campaign money, these big players will eventually get what they seek. I vetoed these bills, but future governors might sign them if they have been bribed by the same type of money that is now corrupting our State Legislature.

This will mean, sadly, that the Washington model of corruption -where corporations legally bribe members of Congress by bankrolling their campaigns with so-called independent expenditures, and get whatever they need in return -will have infected Montana.

Is money in politics a problem? Of course it is. Big entities have a hell of a lot more sway than you or I. Big money donors have sway. But, should we focus simply on companies who are using their 1st Amendment right to petition the government for redress? What about the power of unions and other big interest groups, Gov. Schweitzer? Political Action Committees? 501 groups? What if we just limit contributions to individuals? Would someone like George Soros or the Koch brothers have more influence than your average wage earner?

Perhaps you should have a talk with your president, who broke tradition, and a promise, in refusing to accept public funding for his 2008 run.

But, he is correct in that money is a corrupting influence. However, rather than go after contributors we should go after the politicians, and put the burden on elected officials and those who want to be elected.

PS: Schweitzer is also probably pissed off that most corporate money goes to the party that isn’t trying to destroy companies, make it harder and more expensive to do business, and ruin the economy.

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