Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup Gil Elvgren

Happy Sunday! Another great day in America, though a bit chilly. Think warm thoughts with Gil Elvgren and Patriotic Pup.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Don Surber points out that Mitt is up big in S.C.
  2. The Lonely Conservative has Newt being booed in S.C.
  3. Raised On Hoecakes never thought they’d have to Tebow
  4. Bob Owens points out that there is another Obama era gun walking program
  5. Da Tech Guy discusses Tebow being the more mature one
  6. Dakota Voice discusses capitalism on trial
  7. Fire Andrea Mitchell catches the latest insanity from Planned Parenthood, which calls abortions “sexy”
  8. Flopping Aces call Ron Paul crazy. And, yeah, the Paulnuts show up
  9. House of Eratosthenes wants the urinating Marines punished, and explains why
  10. Maggie’s Notebook discusses Obama’s response to Israel regarding Iran
  11. Outside the Beltway calls Evangelical endorsements “irrelevant”
  12. Patriot’s Corner has a tribute to angry black woman Michelle O
  13. The Troglopundit points out that Abe Lincoln was a 1%er
  14. Verum Serum has some other interesting news concerning the Friday doc dump
  15. And last, but not least, Zilla has some choice words for Islamists
  16. And one to grow on: Daley Gator discusses things men should never have anything to do with
  17. And double dog dare ya: American Perspective points out that Obama’s reign has been unprecedented

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page. While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out

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  3. Thanks so much for the links. Love this pinup!

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  5. gitarcarver says:

    Thanks for the link Cap’n!

  6. RandyG says:

    Thanks for the linkagery Teach!

  7. proof says:

    MacGiver’s mom improvises to fix her slingshot!

  8. Thanks, Admiral, for the links and for, per usual, some great links to explore.

  9. […] William Teach at Pirate’s Cove: last week a Zoe Moezert pinup (time for golf?), AND speaking of bathing suits… and this week is a foxy pinup by Gil Elvgren and Teach’s Patriotic Pup. […]

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