Majority Think Economic Nitwit Should Not Be Re-elected

Hey, even Obama said he shouldn’t be re-elected if the economy wasn’t fixed

(CBS News) Less than one year out from Election Day 2012, voters remain overwhelmingly pessimistic about the economy, and their concerns are taking a toll on President Obama’s re-election chances. Just 41 percent of Americans think Mr. Obama has performed his job well enough to be elected to a second term, whereas 54 percent don’t think so.

The president’s overall approval rating remains in the mid-40’s, according to a CBS News poll -lower than the approval ratings of Mr. Obama’s four presidential predecessors at this point in their first terms. Mr. Obama’s approval rating is dragged down by his poor marks for his handling of the economy -which, at 33 percent, is the lowest rating of his presidency in CBS News polls.

The story further points out that only 28% thinks Barry had made progress on fixing the economy, which means that his 21% unhinged liberal base plus 7% who are other idiots.

If he’d just leave the economics issues to his betters, you know, 4th graders, his polls would probably rise.

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