What Is It About Tim Tebow That Creates TDS?

I seriously would like to know. Here is a good kid (you know you’re getting older when you call a a twenty something NFL quarterback a kid) who hasn’t had run ins with the law, doesn’t beat women, hasn’t been caught up in a nightclub shooting, doesn’t wander around with a posse, hasn’t failed a drug test, and hasn’t stomped on a player’s arm, among others. He doesn’t taunt the other team, doesn’t show up the other team with a celebration of himself after every good play, and hasn’t gotten into a scuffle with the other team’s fans. He’s a great person.

So, what problem do people have with Tebow? Consider this from Hot Air’s Howard Portnoy

Tebow is free to give “mad respect” to his lord, but I’d rather he do it on his own time. A number of players cross themselves on every play, but they do it discreetly — and expeditiously. Tebow’s prayer timeouts, by contrast, are as gratuitously in-your-face as the most flagrant end zone dance. And they last as long. Yet, according to his supporters, all of footballdom is supposed to give him a pass because his purpose is holy. Isn’t that what churches are for?

Many people, both left and right politically, seem to freak out because Tim is highly religious, and is unafraid to show his Christianity. Apparently, someone showing their deep religious beliefs apologetically freaks some people out. Tim isn’t preaching to them, he’s not attempting to get them to convert, he is just showing his deep beliefs. Now, if he was trying to convert people, that would annoy me. I do not mind people talking about religion, but, I do mind if anyone is attempting to convert me. Unless they are a priest, pastor, Imam, Rabbi, etc.

What also drives them nuts is that Tim was born when his mom was supposed to get an abortion, and that he is staunchly pro-life. And, that he was home-schooled, and supports home-schooling. These are two big no-no issues to hold and discuss with the oh so tolerant political left, and either one is enough to get them to hate a person they do not know. All three together? It creates Tebow Derangement Syndrome.

I want to make it clear that TDS is not simply for those on the Left, but for some on the Right as well. I know a few people, Conservatives and Libertarians (one emails me some pretty awful jokes and cartoons of Obama which I do not even read anymore), who get bent out of shape over Tebow and his religious displays.

Perhaps Tebow is just too wholesome. Consider this short interview with SI’s Peter King

Before I let Tebow go, I asked him if anyone after the game — coaches, players, execs — had said anything memorable to him. “Everybody was happy,” he said, “but I’ll tell you one thing that happened during the week that I remember … ”

Good, I thought. John Fox, maybe, sidling up to him and saying something sportingly profound like, “Son, we’re going to ride that left arm and those legs to the Super Bowl.”

” … I had an opportunity to talk with a kid named Blake Appleton, from Florida, on Thursday. He’s a leukemia patient who’s just been moved to hospice. And after the game, when I was being interviewed on TV, I got to say his name. That’s what I’m proud of today. I let him know people cared about him. I let him know God has a plan for him.”

And that was the end of the Tebow interview. He had to rush to get on the bus to the airport. Except …

“Have a good day, Mr. King. And God bless you.”

Perhaps it’s that Tim makes people feel unworthy. King was expecting something juicy about the Broncos, and instead, he heard about Blake Appleton, and about how deeply Tebow cares, and cares because he wants to help, not because it makes Tebow look good, but because he genuinely cares.

All the guy does is win. He won in college, and is now winning in the NFL. Is he the best passer? Not even close. That will hopefully come with time, or his NFL career won’t be more than a few years. He is one heck of a leader, which is what you want out of a highly paid QB. He inspires. And he makes things happen. He brings excitement. He’s also brought a 6-1 starting record for a team that some thought might be in the Andrew Luck hunt.

You tell me: why do people get so nuts over Tebow?

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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9 Responses to “What Is It About Tim Tebow That Creates TDS?”

  1. Word says:

    As a life long Denver Bronco Fan I was ecstatic when the Broncos drafted Tebow. A bit shocked that they would do it in the 1st round….I actually thought they would move around to do it late second round….but I digress…….

    In a pro game mindset that is growing progressively about ME>ME>ME……..it is refreshing to see a kid come out of college that is all about US>US>US in a TEAM sport.

    Amazing. Josh McDaniels attempted to get rid of the ME>ME>ME players on his team (Schefler who now is with the pitiful self agrandising Detroit Lions….a perfect fit for a group of ME>ME>ME atheletes…..along with several others and replaced them with a bunch of draft picks that were focused on group oriented, good kids that were not necessarily at the top of the NFL talent list.

    I would have a team full of team players then a bunch of all pro ME>ME>ME players and Champ Baily the ultimate team player chose to stay in Denver even though he could have moved on to a better team but he too saw the direction the broncos were taking and chose to stay.

    Its paying off….a Team full of TEAM first players with serious talent issues is WINNING and having fun……..

    Tebow is the center of that and people hate it…..

    Because life in the 21st century has become about ME>ME>ME rather then US>US>US.

    Tebow rocks, is a good kid and is a great leader…..

    Will they win the super bowl? I highly doubt it cause in the end pure talent will beat pure heart almost everytime…..

    But I love the Broncos now….because they have slowly the last 3 years replaced the ME>ME>ME players with a group of team oriented, stick together git er dun athletes who want to win as a TEAM…..

    Its now showing.

  2. Excellent points, Word, excellent.

    I would love for there to be some “unwritten rules” like they have in hockey, and see guys who showboat and taunt get blasted.

  3. david7134 says:

    Tebow used to play LSU. He was a major irritant as his tem would be the underdog and yet LSU would be beated as a consequence of his spirit and can do attitude. Needless to say that he was hated in Louisiana.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    We have written about Tebow quite a bit. Clearly he is well respected by his teammates. The interesting thing is that while many try and say how he is winning games, he constantly puts the spotlight on the entire team. To him, it is a team effort.

    When Elway complained about Tebow (despite Tebow having a better record and stats than Elway as a starter at this time in their careers) Tebow responded with “he’s right – I have to get better.”

    It is almost as if he refuses to take the bait of the people that hate him or want to create a controversy.

    Unlike some, Tebow is “religious” on good days and bad. He gives thanks to God when he wins or loses. That’s refreshing.

    It is fun to watch the so called “experts” have to eat crow with every win a Tebow led team achieves.

    Last, david’s information on the LSU and Florida games is a little off.

    Tebow played for the Gators from 2006 – 2009. In only one of those games did the underdog Gators beat LSU. (2008 when #12 Florida beat then #3 LSU in Gainsville.) In one of those games LSU was the underdog and won. The other two times, the rankings held true.

    Oct. 7, 2006 (5) Florida vs. (9) LSU 23-10 Florida win
    Oct. 6, 2007 (9) Florida at (1) LSU 24-28 Florida loss
    Oct. 11, 2008 (12) Florida vs. (3) LSU 51-21 Florida win
    Oct. 10, 2009 (1) Florida at (4) LSU 13-3 Florida Win

  5. PatriotUSA says:

    As a long suffering FAIDERS fan and a long time bronco hater, I love Mr. Tebow just not the team he plays for.

    All sports, college, pro whatever need a massive infusion of what Tebow brings to the table. I have NO PROBLEM with him praying or praising Jesus as part of his game, LIFE on Nat’l television.

    He lives his faith, as mentioned on good and bad daysand what a neat things that is.
    That he is offending so many is just proof to me that he is doing the right thing.

    Well done Mr. Tebow, well done!

    I will always hate the donkeys!

  6. Word says:

    HEHE….as a long time Bronco fan I actually find myself rooting for Oakland again now that they have shed most of their bad boy image………

    I think that has been possessed by the Detroit Lions now.

    I loved Carson Palmer…I was hoping and praying the broncos would make a move for him back when he was going to be the number one pick…..but alas the price was too steep.

    Had they not had Tebow in the fold I believe Carson would have ended up in Denver…….but anyway…..

    Go raiders…return to glory…just do it with some class.

  7. Adobe Walls says:

    Tebow possesses the quality “common decency” unfortunately not very common nowadays and the left can’t stand it.

  8. GenericUser says:

    And, if you didn’t catch it, in an interview on NFL Network after his Thursday Night game, he mentioned that he helped a hospital get started in some african nation. I didn’t catch where, but from the tone of the conversation, he was very instrumental in getting it up and running.

    The NFL guys made remarks that they had heard of this – thus they were not taking the statements at face value.

    People hate Tebow because he is real. And like you said Teach, he makes others feel unworthy. And, that too explains why people hate Christianity.

  9. Word says:

    Its a childrens clinic in the Phillipines.

    People are haters of religion and most notably Christianity. In todays age of trying to remove religion from America someone like Tebow is going to be bashed heavily for believing in GOD and showing it as an important aspect of his life.

    More then anything else Tebow is a christian and even if he fails to make it in the NFL he will still have a rich and full life that is not defined by Football but by his belief and devotion to God.

    In that he is a winner and the god hating, religion hating people of this country hate that even more. Hate is their sword and atheism is their religion…..

    Tebow is a prime target.

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