Globull Warming Now Causing Great Wall Of China To Collapse

Add another loony effect to the big list of things

(Plantesave) Increasing climate change due to global warming and human activity is having a toll on some of earth’s greatest architectural monuments. The Great Wall of China, which has stood for more than two millennia, has recently experienced the collapse of two chunks of its structure: one due to climate changes causing erosions of the land surrounding the wall and the other caused by mining taking place in nearby areas.

Could “climate change” actually cause erosion? Of course it could. Always has, always will. The climate is always doing something. What Planetsave means, of course, is that Someone Else driving an SUV is at fault.

The Great Wall, rumored to be visible from space, at one point spanned 3,900 miles across various Chinese dynasties and is an historical landmark. Now Chinese scholars estimate the wall only spans roughly about 1,500 miles long, less than half of what it used to be.

Um, hey, what happened to the other 1,400 miles? Certainly, some of that must have collapsed due to climate change in the past. Before industrialization.

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  1. Adobe Walls says:

    Well now I know how the Grand Canyon got there.

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