Occupy Morons To Go After Bush And Clinton

Of course, we’ll be told that these morons are “not representative” of the movement. You know, like all the anti-Semites, anarchists, Nazis, Communists, as well as all the filthy, unkempt squatters, are “not representative” of the movement.

(The Politico) Former U.S. presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are expected to be the subject of Occupy Wall Street protests on Thursday in Vancouver, Canada.

Activists announced planned Occupy-style demonstrations at an economic summit where Bush and Clinton are scheduled to speak, according to CNN.

The local Occupy Wall Street group in Vancouver called for an “Occupy Bush” event to take place during the former presidents’ appearance. Protesters are planning to wave signs and call for the arrest of Bush for alleged human rights abuses, according to Vancouver’s “The Province” newspaper.

Human rights group Amnesty International has invited those in the ongoing “Occupy Vancouver” protests to meet up in the morning to commute to the conference site.

This is what you’ve wrought, Occupiers (we could easily just call them liberals/progressives, since there is no representation from the right, and virtually none from the independents): will you embrace them, or deny them?

Clinton will basically be a bystander for the unhinged protest. I wonder, though, if the Occupy folks will march on the US Capital and White House, demanding that folks like Dodd, Frank, Durbin, and Obama, among others, should be arrested for destroying the economy. I wonder if they will protest Obama as he travels around for “alleged human rights abuses,” since he basically sent a team in to kill Osama Bin Laden, he has greenlighted drone strikes which kill civilians as collateral damage, is still holding jihadis at Gitmo, didn’t pull the US out of Iraq immediately, ramped up the war in Afghanistan, and put in place his “targeted killing” program, which killed several US citizens without benefit of their Constitutional Rights.*

Of course they won’t. Because they are far left protesters pushing a far left agenda. They won’t go after their own, even when that person/group/company is just as guilty of what the Occupiers are whining about.

*just to be clear, I approve of Obama doing those things in the war on terrorism. Mostly.

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