Voters Aren’t Buying Obama’s “Bad Luck” Meme

ATM’s, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, European debt, Arab spring, you name it, the voters aren’t buying blaming it

(Fox News) Most American voters blame bad leadership for the condition of the economy, and think Democrats and Republicans alike have hurt more than helped the situation.

That’s according to a Fox News poll released Friday.

President Obama recently said his policies had gotten the economy “moving again” until a six-month “run of bad luck” set things back. That run included the earthquake in Japan, uprisings in the Middle East and the European debt crisis.

Still, by 6-to-1 voters blame the economy on bad leadership (75 percent) rather than bad luck (12 percent). That includes 89 percent of Republicans, 72 percent of independents and 66 percent of Democrats.

Who’s providing that bad leadership? Almost half of voters — 45 percent — think President Obama’s actions have hurt the economy. That’s 19 percentage points more than the 26 percent who say he’s helped, while 28 percent say he has “not made much of a difference.”

By a 28 percentage-point margin, voters are more likely to think the actions of Congressional Democrats have hurt the economy.

And, just to be fair, let’s mention that 35% say that Congressional Republicans have hurt, according to the poll. Unfortunately, even though 2/3rds think raising taxes in the middle of a recession is a bad idea

That said, 57 percent of voters think it is a good idea to tax the wealthiest Americans more because it will help grow the economy and reduce the deficit.

Too bad the poll didn’t ask “why is raising taxes on the rich a good idea”, but, that would require a free form answer. First grade thought answers such as “to pay their fair share” and “they made their money by stealing it off the backs of others” would not be allowed.

Yet most doubt the tax increases recently proposed by President Obama will be used to reduce the deficit. By a 61-26 percent margin, voters think that money would primarily be used to fund more government spending.

Boom! That’s what will happen. In no way will any tax increases be used to reduce the deficit and debt. This is Washington. It will never happen.

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  1. Word says:

    All You stupid Whiny Voters……..

    Shut up……

    Its not His fault.

    There was an earthquakes…….A FLOOD…his tux didnt come back from the cleaners….

    He swears to ………….Marx……It wasnt his fault!!!

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