Sorry About The Downtimes And Slow Loading..

…so, since the 27th, I’ve been having a few problems with being down for a few minutes, then back up, off and on, as well as slow times. I tried resetting the private server a few times, then, had enough and contacted support. Got the same old BS, “here, try reading this link”, to which I responded, “you said this would stop when you forcibly moved me to a VPS. Help me!’

After a few more testy emails, they said “hey, try using this caching plugin, instead, and turn on caching from the VPS.” OK. Spent an hour getting the plugin to work (lots of cache cleaning and stuff), I find out that there are bugs in the VPS’s due to upgrades. So, they’re working to fix them. Sigh.

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9 Responses to “Sorry About The Downtimes And Slow Loading..”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    What caching plugin did you migrate to?

    I am having issues between the one I am using and a separate plugin. I can’t recreate the issue locally, but have isolated it to the caching plugin.

    I had noticed that you were up and down like a pogo stick. Hope that the change to a VPS and the caching program gets you back up and running without any downtime in the future.

  2. W3 Total Cache. Not sure if it is fast as the previous one, by, Dreamhost says it is better, especially for WordPress. Of course, once they fix the server issues, I’ll know better.

    So far, haven’t seen downtimes yet today (crosses fingers)

    Make sure you remove all the old caching stuff, clear them, all files, before adding new one. If you have any issues, drop me an email, I’ve done this a few times in migrating to new caching plugins.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    I tried W3 Total Cache and it just didn’t work right for me. I am using WP Super Cache now.

    Thanks for the info. I may take a deeper look at W3 Total Cache.

  4. I was using WP super cache before, works very well. If it is working for you, I’d leave it running.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    It works, but it is interfering with two plugins. I have the site on a local server so I can fiddle and adjust it without dealing with my hosting company. I can’t recreate what is going on with the hosted site locally.

    But other than that, I am a happy camper.

  6. It shouldn’t. What plugins are getting interfered with?

  7. gitarcarver says:

    I have a plugin that rotates quotes each time a new page is displayed.

    I also have a countdown clock.

    Both the clock and the quote rotater use j-query, and I thought that might be the conflict. The rotater has stopped rotating. I thought it might be because I have added the clock, but when I disable the cache, both the clock and the rotater work just as they should.

    I just noticed the problem last week and haven’t had the time to start looking around and see if I can resolve it.

    I REALLY like the quotes plugin. So if I have to go back and get rid of the clock, I will. 🙂

  8. Yeah, caching will definitely mess those up. Have to watch out for j-scripts with WordPress, can put a heavy load on the server. I used to have a bunch of cool plugins, like one that gave pop up photos, bit stopped becauae of the load.

  9. gitarcarver says:

    The clock works fine, but the quote rotation is dead. I am going to end up killing the clock because I really do like the quotes thing.

    Thanks for the advice!

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