Snow And Cold In South Africa Caused By…..Climate Change!

Now, did you think they were going to blame the abnormal conditions, otherwise known as “weather,” on anything other than Mankind?

As sub-zero weather conditions swept across the country this week, even bringing light snow to Auckland Park in Joburg on Friday morning, speculation was rife that we are starting to feel the effects of climate change.

But an expert climato­logist said this was not necessarily the case and that this year’s cold ­winter was nothing out of the ordinary for South ­Africa.

Obviously, he must be in the pay of Big Oil or Big Coal.

“Yes, it is unusual but not unprecedented,” said climatologist Dr Willem Landman.

“People always get worked up about climate change, but it is ­predicted that we will only be able to see its real effects decades from now.”

He added that weather ­science has not even developed sufficiently to accurately ­predict weather patterns over the next five to 10 years.

But, the weather isn’t climate! Only climate is climate! Because someone drove a car! Or took a fossil fueled airplane trip for a UN IPCC sponsored sunny vacation conference in Durban, S.A., at the end of November 2011! Climate magically started to change for the first time in 4 billion years in 1980!

Anyone else suspect that the Gore Effect will strike Durban, like it did in Mexico last year? Anyhow, you have to love how some people actually blame greenhouse gases for snow and ice.

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3 Responses to “Snow And Cold In South Africa Caused By…..Climate Change!”

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    I don’t think it is “climate change” but “weather change”. The normal pattern – spring (nice), summer (hot), fall (cool), winter (cold). Is there something here I don’t understand?

  2. Nope, you pretty much have it down pat. And stay tuned tomorrow, I have a link to and interesting study about warming and weather events.

  3. Word says:

    The interesting facet of weather patterns is that one of the main drivers of the Atlantic warm ocean currents that warms the northern Hemisphere comes from the coast of South Africa.

    Lately buoys in the Atlantic have shown cooler ocean temperatures which could mean the global mean heat retention is not climbing as much as even the skeptics among us believe it is.

    This would mean once again that the heat retention which is the key to the IPCC’s “cry wolf” reporting is suspect and that the only way to deal with this is to substitute thermometer readings and to point to every climate event as evidence of global warming.

    It is very easy to attribute a drought to global warming. Severe snow fall. Heavy rains. Hurricanes, tornadoes and milder or more severe anything.

    EVERYTHING is global warming induced because……well…….THEY SAY IT IS.

    Liberal AGW Fascism…..there will be no significant opposition to our stated positions and any opposition to our stated positions will not be tolerated.

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