Warmist Richard Branson Moves Virgin To Switzerland

Yet another one of those evil rich who refuse to pay their fair share (via the Daily Bayonet)

The company that owns the rights to the Virgin brand around the world is planning to relocate from London to Geneva in the coming weeks in a move that will reduce its tax bill.

Switzerland has been pushing hard to entice companies to relocate, thanks to the very low tax rates. And Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, giving any company a serious price advantage. And, as the Daily Bayonet points out

The cost of doing business in the UK is rising largely because of the soaring price of energy, which in turn is largely due to the unsustainable costs of useless renewable energy.

The nice thing about being rich and clueless is that when your silly green ideas raise the cost of living above your comfort level, you just up and move to a place where you can keep more of your money. Never mind the poor saps who don’t enjoy that luxury. Sorry about your luck granny, throw another lottery ticket on the fire and you might make it through the winter.

Branson is just the latest rich activist to flee high taxes. Bono and U2 quit Ireland without a backward glance at the revenue hole the move left for their countrymen. It turns out that rich activists are rich first, activists second.

So, when all these rich Warmists are actually forced to pony up for globull warming by governmental law they advocated for, they…..head for other pastures, something the average resident cannot do.

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One Response to “Warmist Richard Branson Moves Virgin To Switzerland”

  1. Word says:

    Liberal Fascists.

    Toe the party line. DO NOT challenge our stated “TRUTHS”. Do not oppose anything we do, say or stand for and you will be just fine.

    We after all know what is best for you. We know the truth.

    We will tell you what to eat. Where to pray. What to use. How to use it and of course the RICH will pay for it all.

    Fascism is alive and well in the left. The progressives are doing a fine job of no longer even hiding their Fascist/communist leanings replete with homosexual and atheist activity being the top of their cultural movement in destroying the “Aura of Exceptionalism”that once flourished in America.

    They are doing a fine job.

    and that is my word of the day.

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