Pirates Cause Climate Change (Hoax) Research Problems

Couldn’t resist this story

Piracy in the Indian Ocean is hampering the efforts of climate change researchers to the point where they have had to call in the Australian Navy.

Pirate activity off the coast of Somalia has increased dramatically over recent years, so much so that a quarter of the Indian Ocean is now considered a “no-go” area. (big snip)

The pirates are hampering research that is crucial in the global understanding of weather forecasting.

The CSIRO is part of an international research team which uses thousands of robotic floats.

They are dropped into the ocean to provide near real time observations and for the last year, scientists have not been able to access the data they need.

Fortunately, the US and Aussie navies are wasting time, resources, and money to help the climate wankers gather their data, which well then be “adjusted” to conform to the pre-conceived notions of the True Believers, and they will refuse to show the raw data, which is funded for by tax payers. Dead men tell no tales: climate alarmists feel the same way about their raw data.

But, wait a second, if you read the story (and notice the end of the 3rd paragraph in the excerpt), you notice that most of the research is about…..weather forecasting. So, according to the media, the weather is now “climate change.”

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4 Responses to “Pirates Cause Climate Change (Hoax) Research Problems”

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  2. david7134 says:

    If you ever watch Whale Wars, one of the funniest shows on TV, then you would know they are frequently in the Indian Ocean. They would be the number one suspect for tampering with these devices.

  3. mojo says:

    “Have been unable to” or “Have been to frightened to try”?

    I’d think a couple of ma deuces would serve to keep the baddies off your back while you swap out data chips.

  4. captainfish says:

    Ok… I still don’t understand why we are “dickin” around with these pirates?! Why don’t we go all in, like we did in our very first engagement as an official country, and blow these pirates out of the water. Screw the courts as they would only let them go – again. I know a few countries are trying…. but I think it is high-seas-time to finish them off letting them know their choices.

    1 – be a pirate and die
    2 – get a real job and make your country better the right way.

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