Good News! Gore Launches Yet Another Climate (Hoax) Project

And it is going to be all about practicing what he preaches. Daily videos of Al riding a bike to his speeches, keeping his thermostat at 80 during the summer, cooking with solar power stoves……..what’s that? I’m not even close?

Today, Al Gore is launching a new campaign that will involve, among other things, a new name for his climate change group: the Alliance for Climate Protection will henceforth be known as the Climate Reality Project. I chatted with him about it yesterday and got a rundown on the thinking behind it.

All of the group’s efforts will be devoted to spreading the truth about the climate crisis and the solutions to it, making use of the thousands of slideshow presenters that Gore has trained over the last few years. It sounds like the group’s political lobbying will more or less fall by the wayside.

So, none of the groups’ efforts will be about living the “carbon neutral” lifestyle? He’s also got a big video available

From the climate scammers’ webpage

“24 Hours of Reality will focus the world’s attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis. To remove the doubt. Reveal the deniers. And catalyze urgency around an issue that affects every one of us.”

Apparently, I’ve missed the part about getting Alarmists to live the life that screech at everyone else to live. But you can Tweet! You can pledge to watch the video! That’s what they consider “taking action.” And all of this will….put more money in Gore’s pockets.

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3 Responses to “Good News! Gore Launches Yet Another Climate (Hoax) Project”

  1. captainfish says:

    “24 Hours of Reality will focus the world’s attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis.

    So, does this mean he will be selling his expensive coastal mansion?!?!?!

  2. Maggie Mama says:

    Remember when Gore hired a “fashion consultant” to outfit him during his presidential run — well it doesn’t matter how you repackage the subject.


    Gore and Global warming: two subjects beyond help.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    The new name is perfect!

    Shorten it up a bit and you have “CReaP” or “CRaP.”

    Your choice. 🙂

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