On Debt Talks, Charlie Rangel Gets All Religiousy

It’s kinda funny, since Democrats see no religious issues involved with abortion on demand, but, reducing government spending? WWJD?

In what seemed more like a Sunday church service than a Capitol Hill press conference, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., called out for his fellow lawmakers and all Americans to do “the Lord’s work” as a solution to fixing the debt ceiling.

“These are not political questions,” Rangel asserted. “These are moral questions.”

The raspy-voiced congressman urged spiritual leaders to highlight the role federal programs including Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security play in protecting the vulnerable, sick and poor despite Washington’s concern about the $14.3 trillion deficit.

“Why don’t you call your pastor, your rabbi, your imam? There has to be a moral answer,” Rangel preached to reporters. It was just a year ago that the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee was censured by his colleagues for various ethical violations.

While lawmakers from both parties are asking what President Obama is going to do about the debt ceiling, Rangel continues to ask, “what would Jesus do?”

He literally was asking that.I wonder what Jesus would do when it comes to cheating on taxes?

Sadly, no one has uploaded the video, though Fox News did show it this morning.

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6 Responses to “On Debt Talks, Charlie Rangel Gets All Religiousy”

  1. Word says:

    4 percent.

    This entire debate is about 4 percent that the left wants the rich to pay.

    So I say. Lets let the democrats change the taxes on the rich……let them tax whatever they want……..Republicans stand aside……vote present when their tax bill comes up for a vote.

    Then in 2012 we can watch another 65 democrats bite the dust in the house. We can watch them lose 15 more seats in the senate and we can watch whomever the GOP nominates win the White House.

    FOUR percent. Our nation is going down the tubes because of 4 lousy percent. So give it to them. Let them have it…….and watch the economy sink even farther and wrap the entire thing around their necks.

    Let them have it.

    and that is my word of the day.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Let them have it.


    At some point in time we have to stop being Neville Chamberlain. There has to come a time when we say “no more.” We will not compromise past this point. That is what principled people do.

    I, for one, am not willing to through the country away for the sake of some pie in the sky political expediency. Either the Republicans stand up now, or they will not have the people of the country standing behind them in the future.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    When I see Rangel talking about religion and “what would Jesus do?” my mind screams “PHARISEE!!!

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  5. captainfish says:

    Is this like a homosexual athiest being looked up to as a preacher? It happens. It will continue to happen until people stand up to it and call them down.

    “Huckabee to Rangel: Well, for starters, he’d pay his taxes”

    See, that is perfect. Call them out and slam them in the process.

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