Uh, Oh, Arctic Is Ice Free

No, Really

May, 1926: Explorers Find Open Water At North Pole — July, 2011: North Pole Solid Ice

Read here. Explorers floating over the North Pole during May 1926 “saw much open water at the North Pole” from the dirigible Norge.

C3 Headlines also points out that as of July 6th, there is no open water at the North Pole.

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2 Responses to “Uh, Oh, Arctic Is Ice Free”

  1. Word says:

    National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder Colorado does a daily Sea Ice extent of the south pole.

    They use this giant purple line to show the median freeze and where the ice should be on average.

    Today that Purple line is almost totally covered up by the frozen ice in the sea around the South Pole.

    Of course we know that if the ice melts….Its cause the globe is warming.

    If the ice does not melt its cause of global warming.

    If its hot its because of global warming

    If its cold its because of global warming.

    If we have heavy rain…yep

    If we have droughts…..yep

    If marriages fail……yep

    If too many people are born…..yep.

    In short…..were all F$U$B$A$R unless we pay an extortion fee to the UN which will save the planet of course….just in the nick of time.

    And that is how you say…….is that.

  2. captainfish says:

    Hey WORD?
    How come the seas are still rising even though we elected Obama? Wasn’t it supposed to stop in 2008? He said so.

    And if the seas stopped rising, then everything else had to be stopped too, right? So, how come we still had seasons and massive winter storms since he was elected?

    I’m confused.

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