Joe Romm Says Joisey Shore Could Disappear! Everybody Panic!

Have you had the occasion to visit Joe Romm’s Climate Progress blog lately? Would it surprise you that it is now a formal part of the far left Think Progress, which is itself a part of the far left George Soros funded Center for American Progress? But, don’t worry, it’s really all about “science,” having nothing to do with far left progressive politics

No More Jersey Shore: Leaving Our Children a World Without Beaches — Thanks to Warming-Driven Sea Level Rise

Loss of beaches worldwide is certainly not the worst of the impacts humans will face from unrestricted greenhouse gas emissions (see “JPL bombshell: Polar ice sheet mass loss is speeding up, on pace for 1 foot sea level rise by 2050“).  But it will be a poignant and costly loss nonetheless for future generations.  And don’t count on creating artificial beaches — they will be awfully hard to sustain when sea levels are rising 6 to 12 inches a decade!  CAP’s Kiley Kroh has more.

Because those beaches have always been exactly the same. Personally, while growing up, I never witnessed the municipalities and Army Corps of Engineers dredge the Manasquan Inlet every year as the ocean currents pushed the sand northwards, wrapping it around the southern part of the inlet into the inlet. Know why there are so many jetties made of rocks and wood on the Jersey Shore? Erosion. Trying to trap the sand. But, it just can’t be something that simple, it has to be Globull Warming.

When Snooki of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” infamously stumbled down the boardwalk and confused onlookers by asking “where’s the beach?”, it inadvertently might have been the most insightful thing the reality star has ever said.

When you use Snooki to attempt to make your point, your argument is null, does not compute, and the rest is completely invalid, so, let’s end with this

Two things to notice: first, the graphic fails to mention the sea rise going back the last 20,000 years. Second, the graphic is actually being hotlinked from the NY Times. Right click on the image at CP, choose “view image info.” (PS: my copy is hosted on Photobucket.)

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3 Responses to “Joe Romm Says Joisey Shore Could Disappear! Everybody Panic!”

  1. Black Flag says:

    Romm needs to get a new line. Flooding beaches and cities are SO yesterday.

  2. Word says:

    The extent of the sea water rise is very clearly evident on the shore of the Big Island in Hawaii. They have literally left their water gage marks on the cliff sides for anyone who has an interest to see.

    During the hottest period on earth, when the temperatures world wide averaged 90 degrees F, and the CO2 content in the air was over 4000 ppm the average sea water rise was 27 feet higher then it is today.

    27 feet would be destructive world wide. It would inundate cities and countries and force people to flee inland.

    However found in the same shore line evidence is a tale of History. A history that shows that these sea water levels were attained thru 10’s of thousands of years of rising water levels. Not a foot a decade as the Alarmist are predicting.

    Secondly a study conducted by UC Santa Barbra oceanograpy department showed that during this scorching period of time in which CO2 was over 4000 ppm and the earths average temperature was 90 degrees that the Glacial field in Greenland only managed to lose about FORTY PERCENT of its mass.

    Compare 4000 PPM to our present 375 PPM. Compare our average mean worldwide temperature today of 56 degrees to 90 degrees. Compare the alarmist position of 6-12 inches sea water rise in a decade to the historic record of massive global warming taking 10,000 years to rise just 27 feet.

    Take it all and put it in a book and call it Science. Teach it to our kids in school and on websites and on TV and you will force our young children to ignore reality. You will force them to be ambivalent. You will force them to become desensitized to the world of reality because life is hopeless.

    WE ARE ALL GOING TO DROWN and in the next 10 years all our beaches will disappear so no more partying in Daytona Beach. No more beer created by mehtane and co2 producing hops. Kill the camels, become vegies, drive a car that will get you to the 7-11 and back. Mabey.

    What the alarmist have failed to grasp in their irrational hysteria is that they are creating a world that is not going to stop doing all these warmist things today.

    They are creating a world that has taken on a mentality of GOD I GOT TO GET IT NOW……cause it will be gone in a decade.

    It is not called the ME:ME:ME Generation for nothing.

    Dreams are replaced with today, the here and now and that is what is ruining this world and this country. Because quite honestly the climate Alarmist are forcing everyone to take on the ME:ME:ME attitude because we all fear tomorrow we will have nothing left for US and our own.

    And that is my Word of the Day.

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