Breitbart’s Day Of Vindication, Cannonfire’s Day Of Delusion

There’s much sadness, and insanity, on the port side of the political aisle right now, vis a vis the Weiner affair. And Politico starts us off with

In Andrew Breitbart’s up-and-down career as a conservative agitator, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Ten days ago, he broke the Rep. Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal on his website, Big Government, then on Monday pushed it to its conclusion with the release of more photos of Weiner, forcing the beleaguered New York congressman to hold a self-flagellating press conference hours later.

I think we really could have done without the double entendre of “self-flagellating,” but, but, let’s face it, Breitbart did the job the mainstream media used to do, before they became total shills for the Democrat party. Twenty or thirty years ago, the American media would have been all over a political scandal, especially one involving anything to do with sexual impropriety, like flies on a whale carcass. Now, as we all know, if the person is a Democrat, the MSM will barely touch it. Compare this to the European media, who will feed on the bone marrow of a politician of any political persuasion if they see a story. Pro-tip to the American MSM: there’s a reason you were mentioned specifically in the 1st Amendment. And why you are no longer trusted very much, and are considered political hacks in poll after poll.

Anyhow, I know you are looking forward to some Tuesday Unhinged. Joseph at Cannonfire does his best 9/11 Truther impersonation. When confronted with proof from Weiner himself, well, just read

Yes, it is proven that Anthony Weiner had highly sexualized internet relationships via email and chat with various women. Breitbart has strongly intimated that one of the photos in his possession is very, very explicit. It is fair to presume that this image involves an erection sans underwear.

Breitbart’s repeated references to that photo could be taken as a subtle threat to release it.

A while back, in a comment, I said that I would not believe Anthony Weiner himself if he said that he tweeted that picture on the night of the 27th.

And he doesn’t. Let the delusion commence

I don’t believe that scenario. I accept every part of his confession except for the statement about the night of the 27th.

I wouldn’t believe that part if Weiner personally called me up and insisted.

He’s probably the same type of person who wouldn’t believe Bin Laden (pre-head blow’d up) if he called up and said “Al Qaeda did it.” Anyhow, here we go

Did Breitbart contact the congressman and blackmail him?

That’s hardly necessary. Breitbart’s own words this day constitute an implied threat. He has said that he possesses an extremely explicit photo which he would prefer not to show. That as-yet unseen photo constitutes a Sword of Damocles (no pun intended). Perhaps without realizing the implications, Breitbart has today made statements which place him perilously close to the “Charles Augustus Milverton” category.

If I were Weiner, I would have said exactly what he said today, even if I had not sent the picture on the 27th

I could keep excerpting, but, I think the delusion, the Barking Moonbatitus is quite apparent. The simplest explanation was that Weiner sent it. Joseph spent an amazing amount of time creating a deep conspiracy, and now that Weiner has admitted it, Joseph doubles down, making Breitbart some sort of blackmailing gangster.

Legal Insurrection highlights those who went moonbat guano from the get-go against Breitbart.

More: Jammie Wearing Fool catches a TMZ story about Weiner telling porn star Ginger Lee to lie.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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4 Responses to “Breitbart’s Day Of Vindication, Cannonfire’s Day Of Delusion”

  1. Black Flag says:

    Two words for Cannonfire:


  2. mojo says:

    The suggestion of blackmail might be actionable as defamation…

  3. Cannonfire probably thinks he won the whole thing, and will soon declare victory.

    Could be, Mojo, could be.

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