Democrats Attempt To Get Those “Secret Political Donations”

Remember when Obama and the Democrats were pitching fits over that super secret evil political money? Yeah, about that

After taking a beating from outside Republican groups during the 2010 midterm election cycle, Democrats are now gearing up to match the effort in 2012, with one of the most prominent teams officially launching its drive Friday.

Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney, two recently departed officials from the Obama White House, are forming Priorities USA, an organization that will seek to raise as much as $100 million in the 2012 cycle. The group will consist of two branches: a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and a 527 political action committee. The structure will allow the organization to keep some of its donors secret — a practice Democrats deplored when it was used by Republicans.

A couple points:

  1. Dems spent a lot of time railing against this, and, kudos to Russ Feingold for standing against this Democrat attempt. Will Obama call Burton and Sweeney out? (Snort)
  2. The 527 must disclose donors, and cannot advocate for any particular candidate
  3. 527’s are tax exempt, so, Democrats are saying they are “unpatriotic” by not paying taxes
  4. With a 501(c)(4), the net earnings must be devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes
  5. Democrats still think elections are all about who can raise the most money, rather than who has the best (or worst) ideas.

Anyhow, I’ll wait with bated breath for President Champ to decry this in 3..2…2…..2…..2…

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2 Responses to “Democrats Attempt To Get Those “Secret Political Donations””

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Don’t forget, Obama and the Labor Department want companies that bid on government jobs to disclose any and all political contributions – even private contributions of their employees.

    And unions are exempt from this requirement.

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